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Diamond Earrings are NICE. Thou you aren't likely to display them. Alas, the world is such today that it isn't very safe to wear them. Most likely they will be kept in a safe or safety deposit box. So – I will continue to enjoy looking at my solid collection and displays. Maybe it is not quite the same “thrill” but it is still a lot of pleasure to me. Would never give it up unless it was absolutely necessary.

Doesn't mean I disagree with not buying the new issues when they first apprear.. Each of us tries to get the best for less. And we should buy only what we like. Not just buying to make a profit. I am a collector, not a dealer. Anything I have for sale is a duplicate in order to upgrade my collection. Maybe some day it will be worth more – or maybe less. Whatever – matters not to me as long as I still love looking at the little treasures.