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  • Petals
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    It seems that new regulations have been brought in regarding the posting of certain items from the U.K.

    The next time I visit the Post Office I shall bring home the pamphlet as I know it states we cannot post perfume

    abroad. I am concerned as I do post the solid containers, some empty and others with the old perfume. I am sure

    it mentioned that the content could be up to 24 percent and the old solid perfume i.e. dating back to the 70's and thereafter, the alcohol content which is apparantly inflammable, must have dried out.

    I know we have collectors on the site who will be very knowledgeable on the subject. I am really worried as I posted, last week, an old solid which contained the perfume. The perfume was still intact even though the item was from the last 70's. My friends have assured me, or tried to reassure me that the alcohol content of the perfume would be non existent. Hopefully, this is the case….

    If someone can help regarding these new rules and how we are covered etc., please can you make a post. Obviously I would not now send perfume bottles containing the liquid perfume (as I have done in the past). Due to the rules, I have not listed some items on Ebay this weekend but I still have until tomorrow evening to do so, if someone can come up with more favourable information…….

    Ann and Ken
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    When we use to send solids overseas we had to send them as gifts and not list them as perfume. Perfume and solids have always been a problem to (post) mail. Insurance will not pay in a loss if you mail unacceptable items. Mail at your own risk for many years now.

    Flying you can not take perfume in your carry on. You can check it but I hate to do that on the rare or expensive ones.

    Last couple of years Harrods gives us a hard time mailing solids. You have to get a clerk that knows how to get around the rules.

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    Many thanks Ann and Ken. Really appreciate your reply.

    I always send my items marked 'gift' as I would prefer the buyer does not pay extra on top!!!!! With regard to the older solids, I doubt the alcohol content would be 24% but I shall check at the post office a.s.a.p. With regard to the new solids, I will have to check with Harrods E.L. This really is a worry and I did not list some of the items I would like to sell due to the worrying about postage! If I write in the auctions that it is a risk, that would draw attention to the item(s), so I would prefer not to do that.

    I have never encountered problems on receiving items from the States. Many of the collectors looking for the older solids, live in the States (this is what I find from my auctions).

    Thanks once again for your reply………appreciate.

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    I would think that yes, the alcohol content would be well below the new shipping standards. Also as well as marking them as a gift, note that it is a “vintage collectible compact” in the description. That tends to not alert the post offices. That is how I ship to anyone overseas from here and I've never had any problems. Hope that helps and best of luck with your sales.


    Jenn in Jax

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    Hi Jenn,

    Good to hear from you!

    I did have a long chat with the Manager at our local post office and he was really helpful but not too clear on the subject of the perfume solids. He agreed that the alcohol content would no doubt be non-existent with the older solids but I will have to check with E.L. re the actual content of the newer ones. Items which do not have the full amount of solids inside I will not worry about but many of the ones I have, do contain the full amount of solid perfume…….

    Really shocked at the news re the devastation in Boston……no words can describe how it makes us all feel for you ….

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    re: posting articles – ignorance is bliss !!!

    re: Boston bombings – totally outraged and sad for the world. Why has the world come to this? My best friend lives in Boston – her parents in law were sitting at the finish line and decided to go home early as it was getting cold. Best decision they made that day, I think.

    Takes us all back to the London bombings – nowhere seems safe anymore. 🙁

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