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    Jennifer sat on the windowledge gazing out at the SnowFlakes slowly
    drifting by. She had been playing in her room most of the afternoon
    with her friend Amanda who lived in the house next door but Amanda
    had been called for by her mother earlier than usual, and now she
    was alone.

    ''I know what I'll do'' Jennifer thought, 'I'll count the SnowFlakes as they
    fall'. She began to count, ''One, two, threeeee, four'' pressing her
    forehead against the cold windowpane. As she was counting one
    very, very large SnowFlake, Jennifer was amazed to see that it wasn't
    a SnowFlake at all. She peered closer as the most beautiful Fairy she had ever seen fluttered outside the window. ''Please open the window'' the Fairy
    called, 'please let me in''. Jennifer stared in wonderment before
    looking at the catch on the window-frame. She had never opened it by herself
    and knew that her mother would be angry with her if she did. ''I
    mustn't open the window'' she whispered, 'my mother will be cross with me
    if I do!' ''Please open the window'' the Fairy called again!

    Jennifer struggled with the catch. There was just enough room for the Fairy
    to squeeze through. ''Oh dear''sighed the Fairy, fluttering her silver wings.
    Jennifer thought how beautiful she was. Hair the colour of shining gold and
    eyes so blue, as blue as the sky when the sun shines on a cloudless day. Her
    dress was white and covered in silver stars. ''Thank you for letting me in''
    she sighed, ''What's your name' 'My name is Jennifer. Who are you?''
    ''I am Star Princess''and with that Star Princess began to cry. Jennifer
    gasped as the tears fell from Star Princess's eyes. She picked up a tear
    which didn't vanish like hers did when she cried. These tears were different! Each once was a tiny star, so tiny that you had to look very closely and they
    sparkled and sparkled like diamonds. Jennifer looked at Star Princess. 'Why
    are you unhappy?' she asked. Star Princess hesitated. ''I live on the stars''
    she began, ''that twinkle at night. I have lots of brothers and sisters and we twinkle very brightly''. ''Then what were you doing with the SnowFlakes''
    Jennifer interrupted. ''Last night'' Star Princess continued, ''I was feeling
    very restless. I wanted to go for a walk. We are not supposed to walk around
    for too long at night and my brothers and sisters were very angry with me. It was snowing outside the stars and I walked to the very edge of the star
    to watch.'' ''Doesn't the snow fall on the stars'' Jennifer asked. ''No'' replied Star Princess, ''it never does and neither does the rain. I was sitting on the edge of the star when suddenly a huge SnowFlake passed me and as it did so, caught on my PartyShoe. I lost my balance and fell over the edge of the star and all night long I have been falling and falling with the SnowFlake until I passed
    your window.'' Star Princess began to cry again. 'Don't cry'' Jennifer
    sighed, ''we will think of a way to get you back to your star. Don't be

    Over to you……….(unless you really don't want a childrens' story – which I will understand……..) VEGAS LADY

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    Jennifer very gently dried the Fairies tears with the corner of her lace hankerchief.
    “I know” she said, “I will call my Mummy, she always knows what to do”

    Star Princess only cried harder, “Its no good” she sobbed, “Grown ups can't see me, only children can see Fairies”.

    At this remark Jennifers face lit up. “Of course, we will ask my friend Amanda when she comes to play in the morning, she might have some ideas how to get you home”…….”for now little one I think you should get some rest”

    Jennifer carried the little Fairy over to her dolls house and turning back the pink silk cover on the bed tucked her in…………………

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    Jennifer looked out of the window. It was still snowing
    and she thought about Star Princess's brothers and sisters and how they
    must be worrying about her. She thought for a moment or two then
    walked over to a large cupboard in the corner of the room and knocking
    on the door called ''Toys, are you all awake'' ''AWAKE'' chorused a
    mixture of voices, ''Do you want to play with us Jennifer? ''No, I
    don't want to play with you. I would like you to help me. If I open
    the cupboard will you all promise to behave?'' 'Yes, yes'' came their
    muffled replies.

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    Very carefully Jennifer opened the toy cupboard door, two pairs of sleepy eyes stared back at her from the gloom of the cupboard.

    “You woke me up” growled a sleepy voice.
    Lifting out an old battered Teddy bear with one ear Jennifer kissed him on his snub hairless little nose. “Oh Mr Growler” she scolded “You are grumpy bear why can't you be nice like Raggaty Ann” and lifting out a rag doll with a blue spotted dress and bright yellow hair Jennifer hugged her very favourite doll very tight.

    “I want both of you to be very very good and listen to what I have to tell you” she said, “because I have a BIG BIG very special secret”…………..

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    Jennifer friends listened with great intense.
    Raggaty Ann said softly “What is the BIG BIG very special secret you wanted
    us to help you with Jennifer?”
    Jennifer knew she needed help but wasn't sure she could trust them to be quiet.
    Well here goes Jennifer said “last night something spectacluar happen as I was watching out the window.”
    Both, Mr Growler and Raggaty Ann were on the edge of their seats listening as Jennifer went on…………………

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    ''Oh my goodness!'' Raggaty Ann exclaimed, her big brown eyes growing
    rounder and rounder….Mr. Growler, affectionately known as William, made
    another grunting sound, scratching his head and looking totally puzzled.

    'What are we going to do' Jennifer asked quietly, not wanting to wake
    Star Princess who had finally stopped crying and now was fluttering
    her delicate wings as she slept. One small diamond tear rested gently on her cheek and she looked so very, very beautiful. Suddenly a smile covered Jennifer's face.
    'I know what we will do' she said, holding William and Raggaty Ann
    close to her, ''tomorrow afternoon when Mummy goes out and Amanda
    comes to play, we will have all the toys from the cupboard come and
    meet Star Princess. I am sure we will think of a way to get her back to her star then……''

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    Don't stop now girls, you got me on the edge of my seat……………….. <img src='style_emoticons//ohmy.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ohmy.gif’ />

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    Amanda watched apprehensively as Jennifer opened the toy
    cupboard. She had listened in amazement as Jennifer told her how
    Star Princess had fallen from a Star wrapped in a Snowflake. When
    Jennifer gently raised the coverlet where Star Princess was still sleeping , Amanda had gasped at the sight of the most beautiful fairy she had ever seen. Prettier than the fairies in her Hans Christian Andersen books and much much prettier than
    any of her other story books.

    Mr. Mouse was the first to come whirring out of the toy cupboard, his whiskers twitching from side to side. Next came Giraffe, taking the opportunity to stretch his long, long neck followed by Jacko the Monkey Dangling from a Branch.
    Suzy the doll peered out of her Victorian Doll House, curious as to what
    was happening outside and Leo the Lion growled in his Lion's Cage, impatient
    to be free…

    Jennifer peered inside the cupboard wondering where the rest of the toys
    were hiding. Why they should hide when they could come out to play
    was a bit silly, she thought to herself. ''You can stay in the cupboard if
    you want'' Jennifer called to Pepo the Clown and if the Juggling Seal
    doesn't want to juggle today, he can stay there too!'' It was not long
    before the Circus Clown was somersaulting around the room whilst
    Elephant strutted back and forth showing off his new pink, jewelled coat. ''Ooooh'' Amanda sighed, watching the toys having so much fun.

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    All at once a clamper came from the toy cupboard and out came “Cowboy Joe.”
    Hey wranglers what's up with all the commotion, “Cowboy Joe” said!
    Raggaty Ann spoken up and precided to tell Cowboy Joe the story about how Star Princess was lost and could not go home.
    Mr. Growler stepped in with “What does a Cowboy from the Wild West know about getting a lost Star Princess home.”
    “Well!” Cowboy Joe” chuckled “You know if we would just put our heads together we might come up with a brillant idea.”
    Well said all the toys joined in saying!
    Now let's start thinking………………………

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    Grouping themselves together in a circle, the toys listened
    as Jennifer told them how Star Princess had fallen off her star!
    ''We have to get her home'' Amanda interrupted, ''And you will
    help us'' Jennifer added.

    The toys turned to one another wondering what they were going to do.
    Giraffe had the first idea. ''I think'' he began, and cleared his long
    throat ''UGHM, I think I have a way.'' ''Quickly, quickly'' chorused
    the toys. ''UGHM, I was thinking that if Star Princess were to climb onto
    my neck, UGHM, I could then take her to a very large tree, yes, the
    very largest tree in fact, and she could then climb into the branches
    and on arriving at the top of the tree she could jump the rest of the
    way and then land on her star!'' The sound of muffled giggles
    gradually gre louder and louder until everyone, except Jennifer and
    Amanda, exploded into great guffaws of laughter. Giraffe lowered
    his long neck. ''UGHM I really cannot understand what you find
    so amusing about my UGHM suggestion!'' Jennifer felt quite sorry
    for Giraffe as he looked so unhappy. ''It is a good idea. A very good
    idea indeed but unfortunately we haven't a tree in the garden that would
    be tall enough!'' ''UGHM yes, UGHM. Yes you are right
    Jennifer, yes you are definitely right.'' Giraffe closed his eyes in
    deep concentration………….

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    Star bright, Star light, First star I see tonight, I Wish I may, I Wish I might.
    Jennifer repeated the verse over and over in her head.
    If wishing could just make it so then Star Princess would be home by supper time.
    “Perhaps we are thinking too hard!” Cowboy Joe said as he awoke Jennifer from her daydreaming. O.K. Let's see what we have here to work with Cowboy Joe said.
    As he was thinking to himself wondering? Amanda spoke up, “Hey where is that “Black Hawk” helicopter Jennifer got for Christmas last year? Cowboy Joe said I don't seem to see him here. “Why Amanda to you have a plan?” “Well, Yes perhaps but first we must find him” and with that they set off to find the “Black Hawk” helicopter in the toy cupboard. Then Cowboy Joe thought to himself……………….one old macho tin cowboy and a whole cupboard full of toys should be able to figure out a plan to get the Star Princess back to her home safely.

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    ''Here it is, here it is!'' Elephant trumpeted, dragging the Helicopter out of the
    cupboard. ''Whoa……better be careful'' Cowboy Joe warned, as Elephant's
    trunk transported the Helicopter to the middle of the room…. Everyone
    sat round staring at the object in front of them wondering how it could help
    to get Star Princess back to her star….. ''Ughm'' Giraffe cleared his
    throat, ''Ughm….can you explain Amanda what good this will do?'' Amanda
    blushed a little uncertain what she was going to say next. ''I thought
    perhaps we could get the helicopter to fly up, up, up into the sky and
    then it would reach the stars. ''I don't think so'' growled William the
    Bear. 'It is missing the rota blades or whatever you call them! Look!'
    he said, pointing to the missing parts, ''it won't fly like that!'' A huge
    groan filled the room. All the toys were finding it so difficult to come
    up with a solution, and now this one was not going to work either!

    Star Princess fluttered her wings sprinkling the room with tiny stars.
    Her eyes were full of diamond tears and everyone was sad to see her
    so unhappy. ''Please don't cry Star Princess'' Jennifer tried to
    comfort her. ''We will get you back to your star……..'' meanwhile
    the sound of footsteps in the corridor outside the playroom warned everyone
    that someone was coming…

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    Jennifer is that you in there talking to yourself again asked a familiar soft-spoken voice on the other side of the door. “Yes Mother! I am just deciding which toys I should give up to donate to the children hospital for their toy drive,” Jennifer reponsed to her Mother, not wanting her to know what was going on..
    As she opened the door, her mother exclaimed Jennifer you surely do have more toys than you possibly need.” Please decide which ones will go and we will sack them up and deliver them tomorrow.
    “Oh Mother!” Jennifer spoke softly as she knew this would put a damper on their
    rescue mission for “Star Princess.” Now they all had to pull together and think quickly………………..

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    Jennifer and Amanda tucked into sandwiches and tea. ''What do you
    think about Jennifer giving up some of her toys for the childrens hospital''
    Jennifer's mother asked. ''That would be nice'' Amanda replied
    politely before taking a chocolate biscuit and cream bun. ''I have
    some friends at school'' she chattily continued, '' who say that some
    of the children in their street have no toys at all! Can you believe that?
    How can some children have no toys at all?'' Jennifer's mother
    patted her on the head. ''It is possible Amanda. Not everyone has
    the money to spend on toys and that is why I am so happy when Jennifer
    agrees to having some of hers sent to the hospital.'' Amanda hesitated,
    'do you think I could take some for the other children?'' ''Yes, yes''
    Jennifer exclaimed, ''Mummy can we do that?'' Her mother nodded
    in agreement. ''I don't see why not. You can sort out which ones when you next come to
    visit'' she added, pouring herself a nice hot cup of tea!

    ''That was clever of you'' Jennifer whispered when they were alone for
    a short while. ''Yes'' Amanda whispered back. ''We need the toys
    for Star Princess but your mother would never understand. Grown ups
    never do!

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    Jennifer tried to sleep. She had been trying to fall
    asleep for a long while and had even started counting sheep. ''There
    must be something I can do for Star Princess'' she thought, ''there must
    be something I can do!''

    ''My, my, you are restless'' her mother commented over breakfast the
    following morning. ''If it wasn't raining I would take you for a walk.''
    ''Does that mean all the snow will melt away?'' Jennifer asked. ''Yes'' her
    mother replied, but it may not rain for long as I can see the sun trying
    to peep through the clouds.''

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