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    I am hoping to sell a few solids of mine to raise some extra money to fund my 2nd foot surgery! I played a lot of tennis and wore too many pairs of high heeled shoes am now paying the price! 😮 I guess you have to pay to play! Please let me know if you need photos!

    Harrod's Palace Guard, MIBB, $750, from 2005. Very large & heavy piece!

    Bulldog by SW, $675, MIB full with Pleasures in great condition from 2009, Strongwater for Estee Lauder – not to be confused with Harrod's English Bulldog. Very large compact & heavy!

    Blue Nights RARE compact, 1975, $135, empty w/ scent remaining, very clean in great condition, compact snaps shut, with label but writing illegible, large, heavy piece! No box. RARE find.

    Dancing Bears, $80, from 2008, this is an empty compact, includes label and EL pouch, no boxes. Bears turn on axle – really cute compact that goes lovely with the Russian or bears scene!

    Perfect Peach, $265, MIBB full with Pleasures – the perfume is brown around most edges, comes in colorful pink/green original EL box – same box the party shoes came in if you know what that looks like!

    Playful Squirrel, $88, 2010 by Strongwater, empty compact never filled, comes with pouch, no label no box, but compact is in pristine conditon with all stones!

    Antique Train Jeweled, $75, 2008 empty compact w/ trace scent remaining, pristine condition includes hang label and pouch, all jewels accounted for! Two sets of spinning wheels!

    Golden Bird, $95, 2010, mint condition, full of Pleasures, unused solid perfume, pouch & hang tag included. Selling on Ebay with the box for $139!

    Pineapple, $50, Knowing solid perfume with about 40% left of used perfume, no boxes no pouch but label is included.

    Ivory Rabbit, $80, empty but in pristine condition, without label or pouch.

    Shipping is based on actual USPS priority rates with insurance mandatory for items over $100.

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