Solid Perfume Forums Re: what should I do?

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Hello ringmaster,
You have probably resolved this problem by now. But I would advise adding a paragraph to your listings in the future. We (ebay ID cracklinandsweet) always have a section that says we pack our items to arrive safely, but once it leaves our hands, we cannot guarantee its condition and we recommend insurance. If you like, you may copy it from one of our listings. We also always wrap anything with small parts or stones in a clear plastic bag first (like a sandwich or Ziplock bag), so that buyers might see something damaged before the open it. If you put this clause with your listings and you wrap items very securely, yet the buyer still complains, I would simply point out that you recommended insurance, but they declined. For more expensive items, it sometimes is worth paying for it yourself if the buyer does not just to insure you against a potential headache [Smile] . Best of luck.