Solid Perfume Forums Re: Trouble regarding the name change?

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Hi Nancy, well here’s what I THINK is happening. I stress think because I’m not exactly sure.

Our chatboard and database both place small files on your computer called “cookies”. These cookies tell our server who you are when you arrive. (hence the “Hello, YOUR NAME” at the top of the chatboard)

These cookies have our web domain name in them so that our server knows the cookie it is reading is from our site and not some other site you may visit with similar chatboard software. The problem comes when our server is looking for a “” cookie and it doesn’t find one.

But since the name is still technically working, we are running into trouble with some people being logged into that domain when they don’t know it.

We will be removing the name next week and hopefully this will all be resolved. We’re just hoping some new problems don’t spring up when we do that!