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Ariel sighed as soon as the Genie disappeared.

She was pleased with the Lantern Sizzles had sent her and put it on the mantelpiece to remind her everyday she had help at hand if need be.

She also remembered an appointment with the therapist that Zooey had booked for her. It sounded like good advice, so she had agreed, but now she was in two minds at bringing up the past again . . .

Meanwhile in a Spooky Forest far away was a forever snivelling weak-minded man, once known as Prince Charming. He was no longer the stunning man he used to be, and now resembled Mr Burns (Homer's boss) from the Simpsons.

He was compelled to stay with the once beautiful lady known to him as Camilla, but once the lovely Ariel had repelled herself from his life, Camilla began to grow warts and evil looking eyes. She was then recognised as the Devil Incarnate and gave him grief every day, which seemed like all eternity to him, hence the hunched back that he acquired from the weight of the burden of her.

So – Ariel's wishes had come true, although she may not have known it lying on her Therapist's couch.

Ariel was summarising the story since kissing the frog and being thrown out of the rowboat without her hat when she suddenly had a vision !


repeated over and over by faces of the people who loved her, and people she looked up to.

With a fresh new outlook on life, Ariel jumped up off that couch and with her head held high, marched out to embrace a beckoning brilliant summer's day !

THE END (?) <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ />