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And so with her new found ability to move about the sea at will, she decided to explore a bit. She swam past a large coral that had many beautiful tropical fish, sea horses and other sea life. She thought what a wonderful place. A place where she might find peacefulness.

After a while of sightseeing sbe came upon a large ship that had sunken many years before. She swam through all the cabins finding beautiful treasures. Things that were once owned by some of the most wealthy. She found gold and jewels and even elaborate hair clips made of mother of pearl and turquoise.

Then something caught the corner of her eye. It was very shiny and looked as if being buried beneath the sea had no effect on its beauty. She went over and picked up the item …. It was a lantern …. A gold lantern adorned with jewels. The girl could almost see her reflection in the side of the lantern but there was a bit of soot ….. so she decided to rub it clean.

As she rubbed the lantern …………….