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But her heart was still heavy and the tears still welled up in her beautiful eyes as she loved Prince Charming, loved him so deeply that she could not imagine a life without him.

She held the Opulent Oyster in her long slender fingers, luxuriating in its silky sheen. Her reflection stared back at her and she was shocked to see how
her eyes looked tired and sad and her face wore the mask of someone who had been betrayed. Someone who had loved and was now grieving for something that was no longer!

It was at that point that she made a decision. A decision to overcome all the sadness and at the same time to put the demons to rest.

Two people had caused her so much pain. The Wicked Witch and the Devil Incarnate. As for Frog (Prince Charming) she would show him what a dreadful mistake he had made and as such he would suffer….. And so began her plan!