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Ariel was cross with herself. Why on earth had she hung up! What a stupid thing to do. After all she owed it to herself to say how she felt and to show
how she had survived the depths to which she had been thrown to by the so called Prince Charming.

The sexy voice answered once again…..''Hello'' Ariel replied, ''I've been wanting to speak to you for a long while. Wanted you to know the trouble you have caused and how insignificant you have become in the scheme of things!''

A hollow laugh echoed down the line filling Ariel's ear with a green substance that oozed venom. ''How do you like that?'' the voice chuckled. ''Mess with me
and you'll be receiving more of that and other surprises of a lifetime!'' Ariel cringed, momentarily lost for words….''Don't talk to me about lifetimes. You tried to have Prince Charming drown me but you did not succeed. Remember I have something you will never have!'' ''What's that?'' Devil Incarnate spluttered oozing more green venom into Ariel's overflowing eardrum. ''I have the Lantern which Sizzles found and brought me back to life! I have the fountain of youth and will never grow old. You, my friend, will have the burden of Prince (so called) Charming and he will grow on you like an old sack. You cannot give him the life and love which he needs to nurture him through each day. You cannot give him peace and contentment. But this is not my problem….'' Ariel jumped in pain as a flash of lightening forced the receiver from her hand. The venomous venom now began to resemble slithering snakes as they rolled down her arms landing in a quivering
pile around her feet. Kicking them to one side, Ariel picked up her glass. raising it towards the barman who had been watching everything in undisguised amazement…

''One for my baby'' she crooned motioning him for a refill…..''and one more for the road''

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