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As Ariel entered the grand old pub, she wondered how she could easily dispense of the Wicked Witch and weaken the powers of the Devil Incarnate. Then maybe, just maybe she would consider forgiving Prince Charming for tossing her out of the rowboat.

She sat down and was served by someone who remotely resembled a Werewolf . . . oh yeah – she remembered – it's the Full Moon holiday soon.

After a few drinks (Bailey on the rocks, I think), Ariel plucked up the courage to call the Devil Incarnate. She picked up her Princess Phone and dialled the directory.

After a few moments, AT&T had her connected.

“hello . . . hello?” a sexy young voice came on the line. Ariel wanted to tell her she may have the Prince and all of his problems . . . blah blah blah . . . but he's just too heavy a load to carry, and carry him she must . . . but on hearing the voice, she lost all ability to speak so she simply hung up.

Had the Devil Incarnate cast yet another spell ?