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Ariel thought how easily Zooey had encapsulated so much of the story in her long summation.

Yes, she was right in the fact that the Wicked Witch had now been disposed of, so to speak! Had it not been for her meddling with Prince (so called) Charming, the situation would never have arisen whereby she was cut out of his life in such an abrupt way. Meanwhile the Devil Incarnate was now left to pick up the pieces of the weak, spineless Prince (so called) Charming and she would tire of him in due course. She would return to her other love once the pattern of boredom set in and discovering she would have to deal with a personality who would try to control her every waking moment. But deep down she was just as weak as Prince (so called ) Charming.

Ariel, meanwhile, was beginning to find her self worth and as such, was able to go forward vowing to never ever trust a Prince Charming again……..