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''I'm so sorry'' Ariel stammered apologetically, ''but I haven't been well and I really do not understand how you know me!'' The young sales lady smiled sympathetically. ''You used to work here'' she replied. ''You were always so helpful and then this gentleman appeared on the scene. He used to come here often buying perfumes and gifts. We all knew he was married at the time but
we could see he was very, very unhappy. He spoke to all of us and mentioned that he hadn't been well and then, once he began talking to you, we could all see that his spirits lifted and his whole demeanour changed. Gradually you began to fall in love with him and, we thought, he with you! Then one day you came in to work bearing gifts for us all and said you would be leaving. We were shocked and dismayed and questioned whether you should be giving up everything for this man but we could see that you had made up your mind and whatever advice we would have given would have been rejected. We all knew
that he was not quite the person you believed him to be as why should he have been visiting us here and buying all these gifts and perfumes?''

Ariel allowed a weak smile to caress her mouth although her eyes showed no sparkle. She let her mind wander back in time but what she saw troubled her and made her sad once more.

''I have to go!'' she exclaimed, thanking everyone for their kindness. 'I really have to leave but I promise to come back once I have sorted out my demons. Once I regain my true worth and confront the Wicked Witch and the Devil Incarnate who has snared my true love in her grasp! It will be an uphill
battle but everyone has to learn that one cannot go through this short life
causing misery and unhappiness in pursuit of their own self gratification. It is a lesson to be learned and there is no need to be cruel to others in our short journey onwards.''

Ariel breathed a sigh of relief as the Doorman greeted her with an infectious smile opening the heavy glass door (something they only do on exit) and stepped into the brilliant sunshine. Her beautiful steed was nowhwere to be seen but at least for the moment, she was beginning to feel human once more…………