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Martha C
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I came home today to find a large package from Micky, which contained Cupid’s Garden, Firey Fox, Bejeweled Butterly and the Flower Blossom. All of these, in my opinion, are just gorgeous, but you know the one that stood out among the group? It was the little Flower Blossom. I had no idea is was so exquisite. The blossom is a creamy opalescent enamel with a green rhinestone center, which is encased in gold latticework. It’s a real beauty.

Sidenote about Cupid’s Garden: It needs to be displayed at eye level or higher; otherwise, all you see are Cupid’s toes. [Razz] I wish they would have made the top of the gazebo see-thru, then Cupid would not be hidden at different display levels. I do love this solid, though.