Solid Perfume Forums Re: Official or not???

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It would appear that we all think Lisa and Jack are fantastic. I hope no one thinks I was in any way critical. It’s just that I was surprised Lauders didn’t think of it. (Anyway it would cost us!) [Cry] At least Lisa and Jack listen to us and that cannot be said for the company can it? It would have been nice to get an exclusive exclusive though, just for us.
It seems strange that (most of) the associates are very nice and helpful yet the company seem as though they don’t care. They cannot even give out information to staff never mind the customers.
I have said before that I have learned so much about solids from this site and am really very grateful for it. I just wondered why EL hadn’t done it or thought about it.
Everyone on this site is so friendly and keen to share information because we all share the same love – our collection.
I wasn’t taking anything away from Lisa or Jack just wondering what everyone else thought.
I can tell there are a lot of passionate collectors out there.
Lisa and Jack I salute your hard work and hope this continues for a long long time.