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I agree, this site is all I need. If Estee Lauder gets involved then we will not be able to be so open and honest, lets keep them out. [Roll Eyes] Lisa and Jack had the Idea and Estee Lauder could of done the same, look they don’t even get back to their customers, as they should….I’m not complaining because I love the solids and if I have any questions or complaints about them, and I’m not getting an answer or any help then it is my option not to but them, so I decide which ones I love and buy from my heart, you know if you don’t like the solid then the best way to prove a point is to not buy and let the solid sit….. Has the complaints ever been answered by Estee Lauder in the past, has anyone ever received a feed back before I’m wondering? Boy if they have never replyed that does not sound like good business but what can I say… I have not had such a problem and hope not to. But since I buy from estee department stores I seem to have my option of returning the solid, so what do I have to loose….. enough talking now I can’t stop….Lisa and Jack this site, I can’t tell you enough but thanks a bunch…..lots of hard work and don’t forget all the time you guys put into it….I’ve met such nice friends here, because face it how many friends do you have out there beside this site that collect solids, for me none….so i’m just happy to have others enjoy the same passion I have. And you others [Eek!] come on voice your opion I too would just visit and read but time to join in and talk, Lisa and Jack started this for all of us, the least we can do is is join in… [Razz] [Eek!] [Smile] [Wink] Thsnks for listening, Debbie