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Hi Everyone,
Thought I would pass this information on to my fellow Estee Lauder solid collectors, dealers, etc.
I was told when I went to the Cosmetics Company Store in Cazabon/Desert Hills (this past Saturday) that there will not be anymore Estee Lauder solids in these California retail outlets?
According to the manager there was a problem with a customer wanting to buy more than $300.00 worth of solids at one time (I guess there was a limit) Anyway, the person got so upset that they caused a big scene and apparently called New York on the manager. Furthermore, the same customer did the same thing at the Camarillo store in California.
As a result of the episode the regional manager of the California stores pull all of the solids.
I was also told by the manager that at one time these solids were discounted 20% then it went to 10% so I really missed out. Last, the manager told me that if they ever did receive any solids that they would be offered at the same prices as the retail stores.
Does anyone else have any information about this?
I was so disappointed because I had driven quite a distance to get to the store. Of course I called ahead of time but I was told that the employees didn’t always tell you over the phone, if they had the solids. So I begged my sister and we made the trip. I guess I will have to be satisfied with my boyfriend’s trip to the Estee Lauder store in Vegas. He is going to pick-up the picnic basket, zebra and cherry pie for me.
That’s it…I would love to hear from others, especially if you live in California.


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