Solid Perfume Forums Re: No Estee Lauder solids in California Cosmetics Company Store

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We just got back from Vegas/California July 11
on July 8 we were in Carlsbad (Calif.) They
had lots of solids there.. polar bear, ferris
wheel,cherry pie, seal, (I should have written
everything down) anyway, they also had saks 5th
ave hatbox and neiman marcus minitures (like
charms.) The saks hatbox charm had small red
and black rhinestones around edge. Neiman bag
was plain. The prices of solids were very
reasonable… ferris wheel was $350 .. the only
one I enquired about.
They would not tell me over the phone what they had. (But so glad I went).
Hope I have helped someone…
Lorraine [Razz]