Solid Perfume Forums Re: No Estee Lauder solids in California Cosmetics Company Store

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Hi Everyone,
I just got back from Carlsbad here is what they have (this is the complete list)

Cherry (2001)
Slice of strawberry cake
Parasol (I bought this one)
Pleasures kitten playing with yarn
King Charles dog (2001)
Pleasures poodle
Statue of liberty
Unicorn (2001)
Sak’s Fifth Avenue shopping bag
Teddy bear with wagon (full dist. one)
Kittens on tartan pillow
Polar bear with rhinestones (I got this one, very nice in person, never thought I would like this one, now I got to get the snowman(LOL))
Cameo (2001)
Champagne bucket (2000)
Sun bonnet
Ferris Wheel ($360.00) very nice in person
Cinderella coach ($300.00)

They also have all of the touch-on perfume sticks by Estee Lauder discounted, except for Intuition.
Does any know where I can get the touch-on perfume stick for Intuition?

I also bought the perfume solid stick for Bobbi Brown (I collect all types of solids)

I hope this helps my fellow Estee Lauder solid collectors, esp. if you live in California.

P.s. The store manager informed me that I could only buy $300.00 worth of Estee Lauder solids.

P.s.s. The Carlsbad store is opened 10am-8:00pm Monday-Sunday.

Happy Hunting,
Colette [Razz]