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Last Wednesday Bergdorf Goodman and Estee Lauder invited customers to see all the new items at the Estee Lauder headquarters in New York City. It was a very special, one of a kind event. I have been to quite a few Lauder / department store events but this one is really the best one I have ever attended. All the items were displayed in Estee Lauder’s office and her granddaughter Aerin Lauder showed us her Tuberose Gardenia collection and other new items like make-up bags, soaps, candles etc. She is very nice and approachable and really excited about her new collection. At the end of the event every guest got a gift bag with the golden and blue stones Tuberose Gardenia solid perfume compact and a bottle of ‘Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Serum’.

On Monday morning this week Aerin Lauder opened the boutique at Bergdorf Goodman and I bought the sparrow and seahorse solid perfume compact . The sparrow is pretty big (about 2.5in. or 6cm long and close to 2in.or 5cm high) and cost $150.00, the seahorse is priced at $100.00. The boxes are also different in color shiny gold and light to middle blue. Even the labels are gold and blue. Most solids are between $125.00 and $200.00.