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One question, and I do not wish to be shot down in flames in mentioning this point!

Why are Estee Lauder copying the old designs? It seems very strange to me
that the older ones which I have in my cabinet are now being repeated, albeit
with slight variations!

We have two Harrods Palaces. One with the baguettes and plynth, and the second model, a cheaper version (same price) without the plynth. The first
version, IMHO, far superior to the second release! May I add also for the new collectors,
make sure the plynth is included if you are purchasing the first Palace.

Now there is a copy of the Jeweller's Treasure which was released in 1974……albeit colouring is different.

The Sparrow reminds me of one which I see often under another name (which escapes me for the moment)……….

etc. etc.

I dread the thought that the Imperial Princess, etc. etc. etc. will be brought back from the ashes too!

Apologies for the note of dissent………but………??