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Jennifer and Amanda tucked into sandwiches and tea. ''What do you
think about Jennifer giving up some of her toys for the childrens hospital''
Jennifer's mother asked. ''That would be nice'' Amanda replied
politely before taking a chocolate biscuit and cream bun. ''I have
some friends at school'' she chattily continued, '' who say that some
of the children in their street have no toys at all! Can you believe that?
How can some children have no toys at all?'' Jennifer's mother
patted her on the head. ''It is possible Amanda. Not everyone has
the money to spend on toys and that is why I am so happy when Jennifer
agrees to having some of hers sent to the hospital.'' Amanda hesitated,
'do you think I could take some for the other children?'' ''Yes, yes''
Jennifer exclaimed, ''Mummy can we do that?'' Her mother nodded
in agreement. ''I don't see why not. You can sort out which ones when you next come to
visit'' she added, pouring herself a nice hot cup of tea!

''That was clever of you'' Jennifer whispered when they were alone for
a short while. ''Yes'' Amanda whispered back. ''We need the toys
for Star Princess but your mother would never understand. Grown ups
never do!