Solid Perfume Forums Re: Good Public Relations

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Martha –

You have a lovely rep…she’s a keeper so don’t let her get away!

Lisa – I feel so bad about your experience at Nordstrom’s, [Frown] [Frown] but they’ve done the same thing to me twice. They don’t get a third shot. That’s why I count on Mickey and only Mickey to find most of my solids. She keeps her word and never forgets anyone or anything. [Wink]

I still have MY Neiman’s [Big Grin] [Big Grin] . My rep might have missed Geography 101, but she’s a doll. Never forgets which solids I want or don’t want, and isn’t at all pushy.

Must get out of here and zoom back to Neiman’s…I should be on their payroll…they have another Strongwater mirror for me to see. And it’s free! That’s what I call excellent Customer Service! [Smile] [Smile]

Have a wonderful Sunday…will check back in this evening.