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Hi Everyone,
I guess the best thing about collecting Estee Lauder solids is that you know what you have since most of these items are signed. I collect Estee and non-Estee solids, however, I sometimes find that what I have is a pill box and not a solid. I know from reading that some companies used the same container for both. But does it matter to others? I also realize that some sellers add perfume to items to sell as perfume solids–I believe that you can get more money if it’s presented as a solid and not a pill box.
So what is a girl to do? The smell test doesn’t always work and I have seen pill boxes with hinge closings.

Therefore, I collect what I like, but I really only want to have perfume solids, however, I won’t get rid of an item if it’s really nice and it’s a pill box or saccharin box, etc.

For example are all the pretty little Florenza boxes with the faux stones and jewels really perfume solids or little pill boxes?

Also what about the rhinestone egg containers that you see on Ebay…pill box or perfume solid?

Thoughts by others?