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Bob and Lola sat down on Lola's Travelling Case. Bob and Lola looked at the not so shiny Magic Lantern. “Here darlin', give me that – it looks as if it could do with a bit of a buffer while we're just sitting here waiting for Freddy”.

Lola grabbed her ladies handkerchief, put a bit of spit on it and began to rub the Magic Lantern. It was hard going at first, but then she began to see her pretty reflection in it. After she had done one side, she gave it over to Bob. “Here honey, would you mind doing the other side, I have to fix my makeup as I see I look a right mess after all this travelling and stuff!”

Bob took the lantern in his paws and gave it a good rub. All of a sudden the lid popped off and smoke began to rise from it. “Oh no ! Not again ! Oh Lordy me!” started Bob as he set it down on the ground and everyone stepped back from it. They were all ready for another grapple with danger when the most predictable thing that happens when you rub a Magic Lantern happened . . .

The smoke swirled higher, changing colours and then the swirling continued, but spoke. “I am here to grant the Solid Perfume world 3 wishes that you alone have been chosen to choose. You have fought the world that terrorisers us and overcome them with your wisdom and strength. Now you have won the prize of all prizes – the right take control of the Estee Lauder powers that be”

Bob dropped to the ground on his knees. He had never before felt so humbled. “Three wishes, Lola. Three wishes. I'd better choose carefully.”

“Er, um . . . ” Bob cleared his throat while everyone looked at him expectantly.

A sound in the near distance was heard – it was Freddy with the Precious Plane.

Nevertheless, Bob concentrated and thought hard. “OK, I've got one. Please release all the Lost Solids from their captivity and stop those cheap copies and surplus empty solids being made and sold for next to nothing for they devalue us”

“It will be done” replied the Genie (OH IF ONLY IT WAS THAT EASY !). One of the colours in the swirl disappeared and they saw there were only two colours left.

“Secondly, I want Jack back to his original self . . . hey, where is Jack?” said Bob looking around.

Suddenly there was a flapping sound above them and a Pegasus landed with Jack intact – his old self again. Jack greeted Bob with a huge hug. “Thank you Bob, so much – I didn't think I'd ever make it back into the land of the living”.

The swirling turned into a single colour – symbolic of the last wish.

“Oh Bob, only one more wish left !” Lola's eyes were welling up – she had always been so proud of Bob, but this just made her heart soar so much. It was what the trip had always been about – to find the lost solids and to find out what had been happening to them.

Freddy and the Precious Plane had just landed and was waiting for them nearby. “You all go get on that plane and wait for me” said Bob. “I gotta think about this one alone . . . “