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    ''Oooooh'' Lola cried out in alarm. ''What are we going to do?''
    ''Seems like we gonna go round on this Carousel for ever Lola! Now Jack's been dragged away by a beanstalk! Oh my! Oh my!'' ''Do you see what I see?'' Lola's eyes opened wide in amazement as she tried to push Big Bob's paw away from her face.. ''That big thing coming towards us! It's sort of twinkling all over! Look Big Bob!'' ''Well I'll be…………… ''If it aint one of my relatives!'' Big Bob grinned. 'Well I'll be………..''

    ''B what?'' Lola exclaimed impatient to hear what Big Bob was trying to say.
    ''It's Sparkling Polar Bear'' Big Bob beamed ''I aint seen him in years! An with all those sparkling lights we aint got no problems no more……no more……no more…..hit the road Jack'' Big Bob sang, ''we're comin to get you now!''

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    As the Sparkling Polar Bear lumbered into the clearing and offerded a large paw to Bob….. Lola backed away.

    “No need to be frightened, honey” Bob explained “Our friend here has come to help us” and taking the large paw in his own hand Bob shook it with glee.

    Bob smiled at the bear,”Long time no see, old friend,” said Bob “I do hope you have come to help us rescue Jack from this horrid mess.”

    A low growl came from the Polar Bear's throat as he looked at the Pagoda. “I could break down all the vines and branches with my strong claws” said the bear “But I think I have a better idea” and turning to look over his shoulder into the trees, the Polar Bear gave a very soft growl.

    A little green head peeped out from behind a large tree and large eyes fringed with very long lashes looked over to where Bob and the bear stood. Turning to Bob the Bear explained……”This is my friend THE MAGIC DRAGON he's very, very shy and very young but if anyone can help us, he can.”

    The little mouse shivered to himself ………What with bears and dragons he was better off taking his chances with the lions back in the circus


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    Big Bob and Lola watched in awe as Green Dragon slowly approached through the trees. He was absolutely beautiful covered from top to toe in green emerald scales set in pure gold. His eyes were enhanced with two ruby red crystal stones and he watched Lola and Bob nervously from afar through lowered lashes.

    ''Now don't be shy Magic Dragon'' Polar Bear called out encouragingly. ''This is my distant cousin Big Bob and his fair little lady Lola.'' Winking his eye, Polar Bear turned to Lola and Big Bob. ''Heh'' he laughed, ''I know how to break the ICE Crystal. Remember all those jokes we used to share when we were with the family back in the good ole days?'' Big Bob nodded, a Big Bob grin covering his face. ''Well, I heard this one from our old friend Marg and thought you'd like to hear it'' Polar Bear laughed. ''But remember folks, if there is anyone who don't like this type of thing then I can make it disappear as quick as a……….''
    ''C'mon!'' Big Bob interrupted. ''We aint got all the time in the world and Magic Dragon needs to relaxa before we start tryin to get our friend Jack out of this holy mess!'' ''O.K….OK….keep your hair on'' and with that Polar Bear began……


    A bear walks into a bar in Billings , Montana and sits down. He bangs
    on the bar with his paw and demands a beer.
    The bartender approaches and says,
    'We don't serve beer to bears in bars in Billings '
    The bear, becoming angry, demands again that he be served a beer.
    The bartender tells him again, more forcefully,
    'We don't serve beer to belligerent bears in bars in Billings …'
    The bear, very angry now, says,
    If you don't serve me a beer, I'm going to eat that lady sitting at the
    end of the bar.'
    The bartender says,
    'Sorry, we don't serve beer to Belligerent , bully bears in bars in
    Billings '
    The bear goes to the end of the bar, and, as promised, eats the woman. He
    comes back to his seat and again demands a beer.
    The bartender states,
    Sorry, but we especially don't serve beer to belligerent, bully bears in
    bars in Billings who are on drugs.'
    The bear looks at him quizzically and says,
    'I'm not on drugs.'
    The bartender says ,
    'You are now. That was a barbitchyouate!!!


    ''Oh My! Oh My!! Big Bob was shaking all over with laughter. ''Well if that aint the funniest BEAR joke I heard in a loooooooooooong while!'' Lola laughed too, forgetting for a moment all the worries they had endured over the past couple of days. Polar Bear looked on in amusement and Magic Dragon quietly approached, closer and closer and closer………..

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    Jacky, that cracked me up ! Especially from a Brit who I thought only spoke the Queen's English !

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    and closer…… he almost made it over to the chuckling group when suddenly from a near by tree, a vine dropped and quickly wrapped around his tail. The vine retracted trying to pull the dragon back into the brush. The green dragon swung around rather quickly and breathed his fire which caused the vine to crumple into a bunch of ashes.

    “Oh my golly” said Bob “would ya looky that.”
    Sparkling bear was shocked and had taken a step back, but answered “Yup, Dragon is a shy one but dont startle him or get him angry or your in a world of trouble”

    Lola was excited though ….. she shouted “Don't ya know what this means? It means we got us a weapon against the tree creatures!”

    The others realized she was right. Now they could travel through the thick brush by dragon burning them a path. They were sure that they would be able to get Jack back ……. and ……. save the other missing solids.

    They began to gather some food for their quest and would head out shortly.

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    Gathering everything together they began to make plans for their journey into the Spooky Forest.

    They were just about to leave when Lola cried “Wait,! we carn't go yet, poor Jack is still in the Pagoda and we must rescue him.”

    Looking at the others Bob shook his head. “I just don't see how we are going to do it, look at all the vines covering the door, they must be six inches thick by now….Its impossible.”

    The little dragon stepped forward, looking up at the other he said in a squeeky voice, “Just give me a minute will you, i'm only a very young dragon and I need to get my breath back between bouts of breathing fire.”

    As Lola, Bob and the old man looked down on him the little dragon took one very, very deep breath. “Stand back everyone” cried Bob our little friend here is about to erupt.”

    Turning towards the pagoda door the little magic dragon let out one short burst of fire, and all the tangled vines withered away.

    “Good work, my little friend,”said Bob “You are going to be a very handy little dragon to have around” and pushing the pagoda door open he grabbed poor Jack and ran out again.

    “How is he?” asked Lola, looking at the box that contained Jack.

    “Lets get out of here first” said Bob “And then we will have a look.”

    As they were about to leave Bob noticed that the Old man was not joining them. “Are you coming with us, old man?” Bob asked.

    Looling at them all with sadness in his eyes the old man replied. “No the long journey into the forest is not for someone of my great age and besides all the excitement makes my beard go curly.”

    Bidding the old man goodbye, they all set off once more….wondering what the future would bring, but at least Jack was safe and sound …for now.

    The little mouse in Bobs pocket thought darn dragon, as he cleaned his singed wiskers……


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    'What's the matter with Jack?'' Big Bob asked at the same time scratching his chin which was being irritated by mouse's whiskers. Big Bob and Lola watched as a worn out Jack bobbed up and down, his head nodding back and forth with the effort. ''Looks like he's tired out to me'' Lola sighed wishing at the same time that Big Bob would get a move on. ''Why won't he speak to us?'' Lola asked trying to catch Jack's attention before he disappeared back in his box.
    ''Don't suppose he's got a voice'' Big Bob grunted, ''Probably lost it in all the excitement and the smoke!'' ''Well either way'' Lola added 'there's something wrong and I'm sure that's what he's trying to tell us !'
    ''C'mon Lola! If it aint this, it's that and if it aint that then……..''
    ''Wait a minute Big Bob. What about the Lantern!'' ''Oh No…..'' Big Bob grunted. We've gone and left it behind in the Pagoda! Looks like we gotta go back!'' Jack's head bobbed up and down in excitement. It took them long enough to cotton on he thought to himself but no way did he want to go back with them. ''I'll wait here'' he managed to call before jumping out of his box and landing in a clearing behind a large rock!

    Big Bob looked on in dismay. ''Well aint that somethin else'' he muttered under his breath not wanting Lola to hear!

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    Bob and Lola hit the track again and headed right back up to the Pagoda. Secretly, Lola was a bit irritated going up and down that windy rocky path in her Party Shoes, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do she thought. She hoped it would all be over soon because her little heart couldn't take much more of this !

    Big Bob strode back inside and looked for the old man to ask if he could indeed have the lantern.

    The old man was sitting at a table at the back with some cards. Bob sat opposite him and was told he had play for a Lucky Hand and then he would have the right to choose anything he wanted from the place.

    “Oh my, I could be here for some time . . . . cards aren't my strong suit, Lola” groaned Bob as he took his cards. Lola sat beside him and put her hand around his back. “Don't worry Bob, I worked in Vegas for many years and I am you're lucky lady after all !” “Aw gosh Lola, that you are my sweet Cherry Pie !”

    Bob became more confident about winning a Lucky Hand, and was sure he could be out of here by nightfall. As the daylight began to fade, Bob was still lucking out with the cards. Lola started nodding off and soon she was dreaming about flying around the world.

    There they were getting in and out of their little Plane flying to wonderful destinations around the world – they flew past a Spanish Bullfight with the Matador and Flamenco dancers performing. They travelled past the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Coliseum, and then was Bob pointing out the Great Wall of China and there they were on top of the Sydney Opera House with a DJ's shopping bag in her hand ! It was simply a magical journey !

    “YEE – HA !” roared Bob finally slapping down his Lucky Hand and jumping in the air with glee. Lola was rudely bumped off her chair and out of her perfect dream and in a big bear hug with Bob before she even knew what was happening !

    She straighted her hair and her Party dress and tried not to look too cross at Bob for spoiling her dream before it ended.

    Bob was so happy he had finally earned the right to pick his 'prize'.

    He knew he had to get the Magic Lantern, for this is what would save all the true Solids ever made. Now, where was it?

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    Ahh there it is on the small table near the window. Bob scooped up the magic lamp and the group headed for the door. Lola had been thinking …… “Bob, we wont be able to take the junk because dragon wont fit and he wont fit in the balloon either. What on earth will we do?”

    Bob thought for a moment. Then he began to dig deep into a bag he had been carrying. “Phewww …… theres that darn thing” he said while pulling a cell phone out of the bag. “I knew it was somewhere in here.”

    Bob dialed a number on the cell phone and waited for someone to answer.

    “Freddy! Where are you?”
    The voice on the phone said he was in his pond relaxing on a lily pad.
    “Well get in that precious plane of yours and get over to the spooky forest right away. We need some help.”
    The voice said “I'll hop right to it Bob.”

    Lola asked, “Was that who I think it was? Was that Freddy the frog on the phone?”
    “Yup sure was darlin”, said Bob “And he will be here in a flash”

    There was plenty of room for dragon on Freddy's precious plane and it sure would get them where they need to go quick. The group went out to wait for the plane in the clearing where it could land safely.

    “Well,” Lola said “all we have to do is wait for Freddy and we will be on our way.”

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    Meanwhile Jack (without his box ) was curled up behind the Rock…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fast asleep!

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    Bob and Lola sat down on Lola's Travelling Case. Bob and Lola looked at the not so shiny Magic Lantern. “Here darlin', give me that – it looks as if it could do with a bit of a buffer while we're just sitting here waiting for Freddy”.

    Lola grabbed her ladies handkerchief, put a bit of spit on it and began to rub the Magic Lantern. It was hard going at first, but then she began to see her pretty reflection in it. After she had done one side, she gave it over to Bob. “Here honey, would you mind doing the other side, I have to fix my makeup as I see I look a right mess after all this travelling and stuff!”

    Bob took the lantern in his paws and gave it a good rub. All of a sudden the lid popped off and smoke began to rise from it. “Oh no ! Not again ! Oh Lordy me!” started Bob as he set it down on the ground and everyone stepped back from it. They were all ready for another grapple with danger when the most predictable thing that happens when you rub a Magic Lantern happened . . .

    The smoke swirled higher, changing colours and then the swirling continued, but spoke. “I am here to grant the Solid Perfume world 3 wishes that you alone have been chosen to choose. You have fought the world that terrorisers us and overcome them with your wisdom and strength. Now you have won the prize of all prizes – the right take control of the Estee Lauder powers that be”

    Bob dropped to the ground on his knees. He had never before felt so humbled. “Three wishes, Lola. Three wishes. I'd better choose carefully.”

    “Er, um . . . ” Bob cleared his throat while everyone looked at him expectantly.

    A sound in the near distance was heard – it was Freddy with the Precious Plane.

    Nevertheless, Bob concentrated and thought hard. “OK, I've got one. Please release all the Lost Solids from their captivity and stop those cheap copies and surplus empty solids being made and sold for next to nothing for they devalue us”

    “It will be done” replied the Genie (OH IF ONLY IT WAS THAT EASY !). One of the colours in the swirl disappeared and they saw there were only two colours left.

    “Secondly, I want Jack back to his original self . . . hey, where is Jack?” said Bob looking around.

    Suddenly there was a flapping sound above them and a Pegasus landed with Jack intact – his old self again. Jack greeted Bob with a huge hug. “Thank you Bob, so much – I didn't think I'd ever make it back into the land of the living”.

    The swirling turned into a single colour – symbolic of the last wish.

    “Oh Bob, only one more wish left !” Lola's eyes were welling up – she had always been so proud of Bob, but this just made her heart soar so much. It was what the trip had always been about – to find the lost solids and to find out what had been happening to them.

    Freddy and the Precious Plane had just landed and was waiting for them nearby. “You all go get on that plane and wait for me” said Bob. “I gotta think about this one alone . . . “

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    Big Bob's mind was racing ten to the dozen! He had one last wish BUT one last wish could incorporate many factors if the wish was made in a specific way.

    He scratched his head deep in thought whilst Mouse helped him further by scratching his chin. ''Thanks mouse'' Big Bob murmured ''keep on scratching
    cos I need all the help I can get!''

    ''I think I got an idea'' he mumbled to himself, ''but I'm gonna mention it before I do anythin else cos I don't wanna mess all this up just when it seems like we gonna get off this Carousel once and fer all.'' Mouse looked up quizzically his small nose twitching from side to side.

    ''Now these are some of our options'' Big Bob continued thinking out loud, ''but I don't want anyone to be hasty about them and if they have any better ideas, then I wanna hear what they have to say before we go down any route!''

    'Maybe the last wish could be '' he continued ''that we go visit all those places where they have those old warehouses and burn em up! Then we could visit those people who
    have those old molds and been makin those copies. I ain't suggestin we burn em up but we could hand em over to the Palace Guard and have em locked up in the HARRODS PALACE for violating the rules on sales and practice. Michele would know about all them types of things! Then we could stop anyone selling these solids which have been copied over and over again to make a fast buck. P'raps they should be locked up too but that's somethin we gotta give thought to. Gotta remember they caused all those good people out there with their big collections to lose their bucks too! Yeh, somethin like that guy did in Florida with all those $$$$$$$$ investments! So now I'm roundin up with my Cowboy Girls and Cowboys all my friends and askin them to put their ideas down here on paper so we can consider the best plan and what we gonna do!''

    Big Bob sighed a huge sigh of relief. ''Seems like we're finally gettin there Lola!
    All I'm waitin for now is Marg, Katita, Michele, NYSizzles, Sandra an I hope I aint left anyone outta here cos I can always add them in, to put their heads together to come up with the best solution possible! Could be we got a good ending to all of this! P'raps then Brigitte will keep everything for posperity and prosperity so we can look back and say, yeh folks that's what we done!''

    plop…….plop…….plop….. A large bear tear rolled down Big Bob's cheek nearly drowning mouse who ducked back into the safety of his shirt pocket……

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    Lola and the others made themselves as comfortable as they could inside the precious plane and awaited Big Bob and final decision.

    “I'm very impatient now”, Lola said. “I don't know how long I can wait to find out what masterful plan Big Bob has in store for us with the last wish.”

    Lola was tapping her Party Shoes and that's when she noticed how dirty they had become. She got up off her seat and went to open her World Traveler suitcase to get her Pink Balllet Slippers out, she would wear them home – at least her shoes would look good, she thought. Oh, Bob, please hurry. She sat back down in her seat and looked around at all the others, waiting….waiting….sigh

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    Lola rested her head on Big Bob's shoulder. Her mind was racing with thoughts of what the outcome would be. Visions were flying around and around in her mind. She began to get a bit dizzy and without realizing it she blurted out ” Bob I wish you would decide already!”

    All of a sudden the last colored smoke swirl disappeared as Bob lifted his head and said “I have it!” He went on to wish his wish.

    But ………. it was too late! Because Lola's head was on his shoulder the wish she made had come true. It was the last wish and it was wasted!

    Bob didnt understand at first why his wish wasnt happening. It was the old man that explained the transference of Lola's wish through him.

    (oops ….. was the story supposed to end? It cant possible that easy …… LOL)

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    But it wasn't going to be that easy! There were people out there that needed sorting out and they were not going to be let off so lightly. What would the point have been if the Warehouse sales were not addressed? What would the point have been if the solids remained as they were and being replicated over and over again. And….what would the point have been if the sellers carried on selling the copies further diminishing the values of all the collections ? Surely these points were still valid and the imposters had to be dealt with. All these thoughts were flashing through Big Bob's mind and he was troubled by the turn of events that were now taking place.

    ''Lola and everyone'' he sighed, ''we will go to the Warehouses and make sure they are razed to the ground! We will go and explain to the sellers of these copy solids and compacts that they have to halt their trading and we will get hold of the molds and destroy those which should have been destroyed legitimately long long back! We will also not let anyone stop us in pursuit of fairness and loyalty to our many friends around the world who have spent their hard earned cash on something which used to bring them so much pleasure! Then we will return all our solids to their rightful place and celebrate what we have achieved!
    Anything less than that would prove our journey to the Spooky Forest a pointless task!

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