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Haha, that's a very funny title, Jacky! It just might work . . . 😛

Harrods at Heathrow? Didn't even think to check! I was at Terminal 5, way out from the other Terminals, and I can't remember seeing it as I strode toward the lounge for dinner . . . I thought you meant to just check at the VAT refund office. Nevermind, make it a 17 pound donation to Her Majesty's coffers . . . although I did do that when I visited her place in Windsor . . . Funny that she is visiting out here right now, having a right royal time too! Unfortunately she didn't have time this trip to schedule a visit to me . . . in fact, she left out Sydney altogether! How rude!

I did notice you pretended not to be able to find your keys so I would be trapped in your house long enough to attend the UK convention . . . lucky they were found before I got a parking fine . . . already got one of those in Windsor too . . . spent too long at the castle 😮

Well although the Fat Duck was a wonderful experience, it's not one I could really afford twice, let alone even get another reservation . . . it would have to be THE world's most difficult restaurant to book into! So unless I have the good fortune of winning lots of $$$, and get another chance reservation I'm afraid I can't promise that one. 🙁

BUT, what I can promise is to see you again someday somewhere in the world . . . Maybe we can meet in Zooey's neighborhood and freak her out! 😆