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Hi Nicole,
I just started collecting Estee Lauder solids in May of this year.

Most of the 2003 solids came out this month. The Filenes in Connecticut just got the General Distribution solids last week. Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave and Nordtroms sell EL solids that are unique to their stores. Neiman Marcus seems to have all of theirs in now. SAKS may have all of theirs in and Nordstroms doesn’t have theirs yet.

Harrods also has unique solids mad for them. The taxi cab and the telephone booth are in. The Harrods bear will probably be in in October.

If you want to see pictures of all the solids go up to the search bar, click on it and type in 2003 solids. Or you can go up to the SOLIDS DATABASE yellow tab click on it and searcby year (2003).

What two solids do you have? If you click on the yellow tab that is marked STORE LOCATIONS you can found names and numbers of sales people in Neiman Marcus, SAKS and Harrods that can assist you in purchasing the new solids.

Take care,