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    Hi there, I have heard from a local member already and will mail her the tix (invitations). Each sale results in a few new or different compacts. I have been very, very lucky lately! I'm in the process of making a new list and will start a post. I have been granted permission to sell on the site and may!

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    'Ar' wrote on '17:

    Let's see… 4 sales a year, guesstimate that 400 people buy 6 solids at each = 9,600 warehouse solids :ph34r:


    Sorry for taking so long – family stuff has kept me mostly off the web.

    I have tickets for the 26th of November in Melville, NY which is on Long Island. I'll start another post so that anyone who is in the area can go!

    I get tix four times a year, lately they have had a sale every Saturday.

    New compacts abound … some with bottom tags intact (woo hoo!!!!). I now have the nesting dolls, romantic bouquet, antique train, jeweled butterfly and more … my list is getting longer and longer!

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    'Ar' wrote on '03:

    I was told several years ago by an employee of a Cosmetics Company Store that the manager of each store chooses which compacts they want to order for their store. I don't know if it's changed.


    Saks shopping bag for $160 in the outlet store in Deer Park, NY! (They sell a variation of what is offered in Riverhead,NY)

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    UPDATE: The outlet store in Deer Park, NY has the Saks shopping bag for $160.

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    'Sandra' wrote on '05:

    Wow ! Looks like you have quite a collection there.

    Congrats on “turning into” a collector. They are pretty contagious, aren't they? 🙂

    Contagious is an understatement! They are just so darn beautiful.

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    'chowlover2' wrote on '06:

    WOW! I can't get over how far back they have empty solids, I thought mostly from the last few years, but you have solids that go back much further than that.I live in southeastern PA, about 2 hrs from NYC, I wish I could go!

    Lately, they have had some of the earlier compacts. Never later than 2009 though it seems.

    The compacts are returned to them empty from Macy's. I imagine they hold on to them for a while. When they put them out, it is on a small 2 X 2 foot table from small boxes that look aged. You never know what they have when!

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    'chowlover2' wrote on '06:

    What else do they have at the warehouse sales other than solids? Do they have perfumes and skin products?

    They have all sorts of stuff! Perfumes, skin care, makeup, (empty) solids of course, lucidity compacts (also empty) from the following brands: Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Aramus, Michael Kors, Ojon … I'm probably missing a few!

    I do not have many extras to the June 18th sale as my sister got these for me. I will post here when I do have enough to go around – glad to send them out to anyone who wants to go. I receive 75 invitations four times a year. I work at Stony Brook University for the College of Arts & Sciences … I do the budget (yikes!).

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    'Sandra' wrote on '05:

    Thanks for listing these. There are a few there I'd like to get my hands on one day! Some I'd even forgotten about!

    You're a champ! 🙂

    They had some great empties I haven't seen before that I was able to get … Lucky Coin 1998, Scorpio 1997, Matador 2002. I also added 3 others to my collection that I had seen before. There is a limit of 6 per person. Its so funny that I started out selling them on ebay and got hooked on collecting them! I may even buy some of the full ones at the outlet store.

    Here's my current collection of empties all from the warehouse sale (except the Royal Enamel which my mother-in-law gave to me):

    1974 Royal Enamel

    1997 Scorpio

    1998 Lucky Coin

    1999 Bubly

    2000 Cameo (Gold)

    2000 Dreamy Dessert

    2000 Kitten

    2001 Artichoke

    2001 Boat Ride

    2001 Cameo (Orange w/ Jewels)

    2001 King Charles Spaniel

    2001 Magical Unicorn

    2001 Pirouette

    2001 Red Cherry

    2001 Rooster

    2001 Sphinx

    2002 Bejeweled Crown

    2002 Cameo (Blue)

    2002 Matador

    2002 Pegasus

    2002 Puppy in a Tub

    2002 Sand Castle

    2003 50th Anniversary Cameo

    2003 Bejeweled Butterfly

    2003 Brillian Cardinal

    2003 Charming Monkey

    2003 Chinese Junk

    2003 Cowgirl

    2003 Fantasy Flower

    2003 Flower Blossom

    2003 Golden Dachshund

    2003 Holiday Bow

    2003 Luscious Fruits

    2003 Precious Dragonfly

    2003 Wedding Cake

    2004 Acorn Amulet

    2004 Cudly Kitten

    2004 Four Leaf Clover

    2004 Good luck horseshoe

    2004 Jewels to Boot

    2004 Legendary Lion

    2004 Lily Bouquet

    2004 Little Chick

    2004 Little Red Barn

    2004 Lucky Ladybug

    2004 Mischievous Monkey

    2004 Playful Pup

    2004 Tulip Quartet

    2005 (Blue) Cameo (with bow)

    2005 Bejeweled Elephant

    2005 Fragrant Treasures

    2005 Glistening Owl

    2005 Golden Gift

    2005 Pampered Pekingnese

    2005 Pink Lady

    2005 Prancing Reindeer

    2005 Regal Kitty

    2005 Romantic Moments

    2005 Royal Parasol

    2005 Sparkling Snowflake

    2006 Cameo 2006 (Green)

    2006 Holiday Nutcracker

    2006 Holiday Wreath

    2006 Lady Luck

    2006 Spinning Top

    2007 Flower Cameo

    2007 Glistening Snail

    2007 Heavenly Harp

    2007 Jingle Bell

    2007 Little Teapot

    2008 Candy Cane

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    'Ar' wrote on '04:

    I'd love to get the rickshaw and jukebox!


    I can't sell here until I get 100 posts up … working on it! I'll email the site management and ask for how I can just provide a pick up service!

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    'Sandra' wrote on '02:

    Fantastic !!

    Let me know what they have in boxes please !! 🙂

    Will do! I may also head out to the Tanger Outlets where I have seen solids at “The Cosmetics Company Store” which is Estee's outlet. I wonder if they sell different compacts in the different outlet locations?

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    'Flyaway' wrote on '29:

    Hello…I stopped collecing a couple of years ago because of all of the warehouse nonsense, so I havent even looked at EBAY for a very long time..until recently..what is going on with all of the empty without boxes compacts for sale? Can anyone enlighten me?

    Yes, it is all of us warehouse crazies. I started out selling them and now collect however I cannot bring myself to pay the price of those with boxes and perfume. The warehouse in Long Island is closing and they have had some very nice compacts! I'm going again Saturday. They also allow you to go into the Company store which carries the boxed compacts. I'll scout out what they have on Saturday and post – I'd be happy to pick some up if anyone needs them …. the next time I go will be the 18th of June.

    The warehouse will move to Melville, NY after that. Not sure when the next “sale” will be.

    Also, if anyone would like passes I may be able to drum some up!

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