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    I am selling another group of my collection from the 1980's this weekend on ebay; they will launch tonight and tomorrow night; so check my auction id: pinkies-closet. I know some of you prefer to trade in this site; but I have found the best offers by selling my vintage collection on ebay. I also will be listing some keepsake boxes MIB and next month some great porcelain pieces MIB and also more solids. I used to collect; but just like my beanies; got overwhelmed trying to keep up and have been storing these for YEARS! Take a look!

    Does anyone have an idea of what a sleeping cat MIB would bring? I am holding on to that one as I just love the cat! Michele

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    Hi Monie-

    Welcome to solidperfume! Are you talking about the ivory cat scratching himself or the doggie sleeping? Either one should run…oh…it varies so widely. Possibly $350 and up on a good week. (This is NOT a good week!)

    Thanks for the heads-up and good luck! user posted image

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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