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    UUUGGGGHHHHH…………………..I have just returned from a visit to the Cosemetic Company in Pa…..They had at least 25 solid perfumes in stock

    Boat ride 148.00
    J.S. Acorn 120.00
    Artichoke 200.00
    J.S. Fox 200.00
    Circus Tent 350.00
    Globe 360.00
    Treasure Chest 200.00
    Piourette 160.00
    America's Apple 120.00
    Ferris Wheel 360.00
    Catcus 160.00
    crown on the pillow
    plus all general distrubition and 3 seperate cameo's, plus other's

    I am so mad at myself for paying full price for my solid's…..and to see some of last year's Jay Stongwater's in the store…make's me crazy!! Also clerk told me that there policy is only 300 per visit…so I could walk out the door, walk right back in and purchase another 300….also as I was debating on a compact she told me that if I purchased and returned..all of those compacts are then marked damaged and sent back to Estee…there could be nothing wrong with them..and they are still sent back…I wonder if they make there way to the Warehouse sale…any thoughts?

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    FYI, for anyone purchasing from The Cosmetics Company… they don't give cash or credit card refunds, only store credit. So you can't have buyer's remorse!

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    I still think it is a poor business policy to limit your purchases to $300. In Carlsbad Company Store they told me it was that amount per week and that they kept track. I asked if I could buy $300 and then my Husband do the same, they said no. Sounds like a dumb way to run a shop, isn't the idea to sell the merchandise? What am I missing. If my Husband limited his sales to $300 per person, we would be out of business fast. Who gives a darn what the buyer does with the items after purchaing them. Bottom line is still the bottom line. Just my opinion, Lainey

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    Lainey, the world works in mysterious ways! This is dumber than dumber! Ugh! Why do they bother selling? Why do they complain when business is slack?

    We've been down this road before, but for our new members' sake, it doesn't hurt to rake over old coals!

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