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    I wanted to say Thank you again to everyone! And I mean everyone for your warm wishes, your bids and your repeat business.
    Now for the bad news – I have hit the bottom of the box. That's right, after 2 months of having either Powder Compacts or Perfume Solids for sale, I am sad to say that the very last of what I have been asked to sell is currently listed on eBay.

    The good news is:::::::::::::::
    I saved the very best (in my humble opinion) for last.
    I think you will be pleased at what I am currently offering, so please drop by and take a peak.

    If you have not done business with me before, let me assure you that everyone has been delighted with their purchases, (or so they tell me LOL). If I see a flaw I try to include it in the listing. If you are not happy with a purchase from me, just send the item right back. No problem.

    It's been a wonderful experience learning from you all and you have not heard the last of me yet. I am in the process of making freinds with all my local EL Representatives and hopefully I will get another large collection to sell very soon. LOL /biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />

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    YOu won't be forgotten and thank you Karen for all the help you have given.

    I have my solid from you, and am sorry I did not take up one or two others. Unfortunately, at the time, circumstances prevented me from doing so! But there is always another day!

    Look forward to seeing you back again soon!

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    Dear Karen, I would also like to thank you for your business and I wish you to find more a new vintage treasures for us. Your wonderful service is truly appreciated. Kind regards,

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