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    It seems everywhere I go lately, I see these gorgeous little jeweled boxes, many based on Strongwater designs. Even my jeweler is carrying them! Since I have to walk by their shop almost daily, I stopped in for a closer look and ended up buying a peacock and a birdcage. Since I have a couple of Strongwater boxes, I compared them to my new purchases. The inside appears to be identical to JS, even down to the magnetic clasps. This weekend, Iím at Dilliardís and notice the new Monet jeweled boxes; again, many are based on JS designs and the inside of the box is very close if not identical to JS.

    My question is, would the same company who makes the JS boxes/solids and the EL compact solids be making these boxes as well? Interestingly, the jewelry store JS look-alikes (which are btw stunning) sell for $36 and the Monets for $18.

    Just curious if anyone knows the answer. Thanks.

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    I have seen the boxes you are referring to at a glance. I never really stopped to look at one close up. Next time I see them I will look closely.

    I would assume they are produced all around the RI area where a lot of jewelry/casting/metal work is done.

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