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    HI everyone.

    I am new to this board but not to the world of perfume solids. I have sold many in the past few years on eBay. It just so happens that I recently procurred a 30 + piece collection from a former EL employee. Most will be Near Mint in box with the outer box – some will only come with boxes and may not have a sleeve (for tassles or something minor missing), and I will make certain to make any notations of anything that I see as a flaw or imperfection. Those with outer boxes have a small “peel” on the lid as she had sticker on each one designating date of purchase and her inventory numbers from her collection. All of these solids will date back to 1992 – 1996.

    I have paid close attention to some of the board posts about misuse of the word mint – rest assured that I only use that word if the item is as new .

    This collection includes egg #4000 , Yorkie # 4672, Scottie Dog # 4670, Minaudiere #1E9w-37, Cameo # 9984, Egg # 4287, & Egg #174H.

    If this sale goes well enough she will also be giving me many of her fancier solids which at the present time, she is not ready to part with.

    Had I known that there was those that were interested in the powder compacts I would have taken those as well. But, I will make an attempt to get those from her later this week – but no promises at this time.
    I hope you all might find something you need for your collections in my listings!

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    I have been asked to associate scents with each of these solids to make it a little easier on some of the collectors. The numbers I have referenced are EL Design numbers and may not be available in the Gerson Book! (BTW Hi Roselynn – remember me? “The Lighter Lady” from Chicago?)
    Any Way Here goes

    Scottie Dog – Tuscany Per Donna
    Yorkie – Beautiful
    Minaudiere – Knowing
    Cameo – Youth Dew
    Egg (goldtone) – Knowing
    Egg (Blue & red Enamel) – Beautiful
    Egg (Red Enamel) – Knowing

    I hope this is of help to you all.

    I have received several very nice emails from members that have made me feel most welcomed in the forum. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!
    Right now I am offering these exclusively on ebay until I get a feel for their current value (I know this sounds like I am trying to squeeze every dime out of them. I do apologise for that) I will say I do have duplicates of each of them with the exception of the Cameo.
    And if I can get some answers from Lisa as to how to offer them for sale here I will put some on the site.
    Thanks again to all!
    Anyone willing to assist?

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    I have had several very successful transactions with Pirologists (Karen) and highly recommend her.
    Esteelady <img src='style_emoticons//wink.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’wink.gif’ />

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    Listing solids for sale on this site is easy! All you need to do is email us a photo give a brief description of the solid- condition, perfume, label and box along with price.

    The only thing we ask is if you have a solid listed here that you not list for sale anywhere else because it gets too confusing.

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    Great! Sounds easy enough! I may get to work on that as soon as my listings for the others end. Thanks for your help Lisa!

    And Thank to you too Pam for your kind words!


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