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    Hi Jack and Astrid…..

    I have started a new topic for this as I'm sure other people will want to have their say ( SEE JACK AND ASTRIDS POSTS IN HELP DESK )

    It's a difficult one this, pros and cons for both sides. To keep the for sale area open is beneficial to sellers, none members can see, join and buy. The database is a good advertisement for the site but must have taken a lot of hard work to build up, why should none members be able to use it without making a contribution to the site, as Astrid says people do copy and use

    Perhaps a vote of members would be best.

    Over to everyone else……

    Regards to you all……Margaret…… /smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ /> Petals

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    I agree with you here Margaret. I'm sure there are lots of pros and cons, but I think it is much better that people cannot 'come off the street' and read our postings. Am sure that Jack with all his expertise can keep an eye on the people registering, which makes it more secure. In the past some members have slipped up and put their email address in their postings. Lots of nuts out there (and I don't mean bolts), so I really think it is better now!

    Over to the EXPERTS…….

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    I see all the pros & cons, and I am also aware that my opinion is VERY restrictive.
    I also know that the more areas are non-public the less advertising is possible for this website.
    But where's the problem to register ? Everybody can do, it's easy & it's free.

    On the other hand … how to avoid that someone who only wants e.g. to 'steal' the pictures cannot register ? That's impossible. That would mean the administrator/s will have to do too much control work. It is easy to get a new e-mail address just to register here, so you never will know who's behind that address …

    I think this is a two-bladed sword.

    And, yes, I think a poll would help here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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