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    I just realized I never told you what happened with the shedding kitty compact. Lisa was so nice to help me with this, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you it ended well. As Lisa said, contacting Estee took a long time to get answers, but I did get answers. I found my receipt, it was from Las Vegas. I contacted Las Vegas, they gave me a non 800 number to call Estee in New York. I called, got a nice lady who told me to send a receipt copy, boxed kitty and my name and address to her, and she sent me a paid label to do so. After about 30 – 40 days, I got a money order from Estee paying me back in full, including original taxes and postage. Everyone was nice, everyone was helpful. I really liked the kitty, but he lost most of his stones, so I didn't want to keep him. Estee offered to pay a local jeweler to replace the stones, but I was afraid if they fell off once, they'd fall off again. Thanks again, Lisa, for all the help. I'd advise you all to hang on to your receipts, I think it smoothed the way for me considerably.

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