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    I took out my Harrods solids and put them atop the flat screen TV to preside while I watched the royal wedding at 6 am. Congratulations to all our British friends across the pond. Cheers! 🙂


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    😎 Yes, the whole parade to and from the church as well as the ceremony itself was really spectacular !

    Loved the music – especially the John Rutter piece, and all the carriages and horses. Beautiful !! 🙂

    I was looking out for Jacky and Margaret in amongst the guests and crowd – I'm sure I saw them somewhere ! 😛

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    Hi Sandra…….Yes I did watch the wedding, BUT FROM A HOTEL JUST OUTSIDE CHICAGO….. I thought she looked beautiful.

    I am now in Wisconsin enjoying my stay with friends……The antique hunting is good.

    Hi Jacky……Hope the weather is still good in England.


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    Hi Everyone,

    Royal Wedding (long past) was beautiful. Once the ceremony was over I walked through Hyde Park with a friend towards Buckingham Palace. Saw nothing as the crowd was dispersing. So we walked into Knightsbridge and then back home.

    Two days later I was in Florida and have not long returned to the U.K. Seems like I have arrived home to ''winter''. It has been cold and wet and nothing like what I would have expected for the month of ''flaming June''.

    Glad you had a good time Margaret. Look forward to catching up with you. There might be a meeting of the U.K. Chapter in Teddington on the 25th June if you would like to come??

    Will catch up with the rest of the posts later. Am going to Portobello Road soon but I never ever find anything there except for lots of Italian and French tourists! No disrespect to my French and Italian friends! 😕

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    Welcome Home Petals 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday. 😎 Lucky you 🙂


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