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    I had a few minutes today and I was just browsing e-bay, looking at the non-Estee solids on e-bay. I'm not collecting anything anymore, I'm to the downsizing stage of my life, but I do still love to look and enjoy all the beautiful objects available.

    It was kind of shocking to see the gorgeous solids available that were completely out of my range when I was collecting. There was a carousel horse (Corday) and Dauphin, a set of in the box Concretas for a BIN price of $49, things I would have snapped up for those prices back in the day.

    If any of you have a wish to pick up a wonderful older solid for a great price, you might take a look.


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    How I love those little Molinard Concreats with the cute painted pictures on the top… 😀

    I only have the one boxed set as they are so hard to find over here….. 🙁


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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