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    Like any other community, we have found it necessary to have some rules and guidelines in order to make this a comfortable place for everyone. Here is what we have come up with…

    1. No insults or personal attacks. Please be polite, tactful and considerate of others. We encourage the exchange of opinions and healthy disagreements, but do so respectfully. Give your opinion and allow others to give theirs. Name calling, harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.

    2. Do not in any way attempt to discourage others from posting. If someone has posted something inappropriate, we will take care of it. If you need to alert us to something you feel is inappropriate please do so via email or private message.

    3. Stay on topic. Please do not change the subject of a thread, it is very inconsiderate to people who may be trying to get information about the original topic. You can always start a new thread for off-topic discussion.

    4. No advertising or promoting. We ask that if you wish to sell a solid on this site please make sure it is not listed anywhere else (eBay) and please do not post links to eBay auctions if you are the seller. If you have a website you think is relevent to an ongoing discussion, you may post it there. If you have a related site you want to promote on our site, let us know and we will include it on our links page.

    5. Do not give out the personal information of others. Obviously this would include email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses, but it may also be an inadvertent mention. For example, congratulating someone on the purchase of their new blue Mercedes may seem innocuous, but that person may not want it to be public information.

    6. No spamming of any kind. This includes posting messages with no real content (ie: “me too”). This also includes posting the same information or point of view repeatedly in the same thread.

    7. Topic not to be discussed. Let's not get into dicusssions about religion or politics.

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