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    Love the idea Lisa and Jack, of a Member's Photograph on the opening page in the left hand corner.

    Is this a new item which you are going to include? Personally I think it is great but unfortunately there are members who will miss out as they do not log into the opening page but go straight into 'chat'! Maybe this will give them an incentive to do otherwise!

    Charlotte's picture looks so pretty. Should make us all want to get our cameras on the move…… Speaking of pictures, I wish Don and Margaret would put theirs back on the board again……and KK……where's my favourite Glass of Champagne!


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    The photos on the front page will rotate as well as the front page of the site. We do want to have more member involved and hopefully this will encourage others to try their hand at photography.

    So always remember to check out the front page of the site as it may feature one of your photos!!

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    Hi to everyone,

    just come back this afternoon from my holidays after one month, and I had the surprise to see one of my photos on the front page.

    I'm very honoured for this! Thanks Lisa.

    I've done a lot of pics with my new camera, not many landscapes, but just flowers, animals, butterfly, insects and “emotions”. Since it's the first trial with the new camera I hope to have got something good, if so I'll send to Lisa to judge.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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