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    Hello everyone. Long time (!) I've been heads-down at work, but I still buy a solid now and again. I've decided to really pare down to the ones I love best, and donate whatever I make from selling the others, to

    I took an inventory, and took pictures. Before I turn the project over to, I thought I'd post a note here. Whatever I don't sell here in the next few weeks, you'll likely see on ebay, via 'I sold it'… unless there's someone else who's moved by that group and who'd like to help me with this effort — it's a little bit daunting.

    When I took an inventory, I couldn't believe the amount of value I've stored up over the years. It is possible I could end up writing the charity a $15k check. I think that'd be absolutely outstanding!

    I am selling:

    25th Anniv 2003 White Linen both boxes

    Acorn Amulet 2004 Intuition both boxes

    Americas Apple 2002 Beautiful both boxes

    Ballet Slippers 1999 Beautiful box

    Bejeweled Artichoke 2001 Dazzling Silver gold box

    Bejeweled Butterfly (JS) 2003 Intuition both boxes

    Bejeweled Crown 2003 Pleasures no boxes

    Bejeweled Rooster 2004 Intuition both boxes

    Birdhouse 2001 Beautiful both boxes

    Boat Ride 2001 Pleasures both boxes

    Brilliant Cardinal 2003 Beautiful gold box

    Bustier (le bustier) 2004 Beautiful both

    Cactus 2001 Pleasures gold box

    Charming Monkey 2003 Beautiful both boxes

    Chinese Junk 2003 Intuition both

    Classic Cameo 2004 Youth Dew both boxes

    Cupids Garden 2003 Beautiful gold box

    Enchanted Mushroom 2003 Beautiful both boxes

    Enchanting Pagoda 2005 Beyond Paradise both

    Fantasy Flower 2003 Beyond Paradise both boxes

    Ferris Wheel 2000 Pleasures both boxes

    Fiery Fox 2003 White Linen both boxes

    Flamenco Dancer 2002 Beautiful both boxes

    Flower Blossom 2003 Pleasures gold box

    Flower Cart 2004 Beautiful gold box

    4leaf clover -harrods 2004 Pleasures both

    Gilded Bird Cage 1998 Pleasures both boxes

    Gilded Giraffe 2002 Youth Dew both boxes

    Gilded Stagecoach 2003 Pleasures both boxes

    Gingerbread House 2000 Pleasures no boxes

    Glass Slipper White 1995 Knowing gold box

    Glistening Acorn 2002 Pleasures gold box

    Glistening Dragonfly 2002 Intuition gold box

    Globe Compact 2001 Pleasures gold box

    Glorious Gramopohone 2007 Beautiful both boxes

    Golden Dachshund 2003 Intuition gold

    (Harrods) English Emblems 2004 B/Paradise both

    (Harrods) English Postbox 2004 Pleasures both

    (Harrods) palace -signed 2002 Beautiful both

    High Style Hat Box (Saks) 1998 Pleasures cylindrical box

    Jewels to boot 2004 B/Paradise both

    King Charles Spaniel 2001 White Linen both boxes

    Leap Frog 1997 White Linen gold box

    Legendary Lion 2004 B/Paradise both boxes

    Lighthouse 2004 Beautiful both boxes

    Lilly bouquet (JS) 2004 Beautiful both boxes

    Little Chick 2004 White Linen both boxes

    Little Red Barn 2004 Pleasures both boxes

    Longhorn 2000 Beautiful gold box

    Lucky Ladybug 2004 B/Paradise both boxes

    Magnificent Marlin 2003 White Linen both boxes

    Matador 2002 Intuition both boxes

    Mississ.Steamboat 2004 Pleasures both boxes

    Octopus 2002 White Linen both boxes

    Opulent Oyster 2005 Pleasures both boxes

    Pampered Kitty 2001 White Linen both boxes

    Pampered Pup 2005 White Linen both & tag strongwater

    Panda 1998 Knowing gold box

    Party Shoes 2000 Beautiful both boxes

    Precious pear 1996 Beautiful gold box

    Pirouette 2001 Dazzling Gold both boxes

    Playful pup 2004 Pleasures both

    Precious Dragonfly 2003 Pleasures gold box

    Precious Peacock 2003 Pleasures both boxes

    Pretty Parasol 2000 White Linen both boxes?

    Prince Charming 2002 White Linen gold box

    Princess Phone 2000 Pleasures gold box

    Princess Pump (weitzman) 2001 Beautiful both boxes

    Radiant Fish 2005 Beautiful both boxes

    Radiant Sunflower 2003 Pleasures both boxes

    Rodeo Cowboy 2002 Pleasures both boxes

    Rodeo Cowgirl 2003 Pleasures both boxes

    Rollicking Rollercoaster 2003 Beautiful both boxes

    Rooster 2001 White Linen gold box

    SF Trolley 2003 Pleasures both

    Shimmering Showgirl 2003 Beautiful both

    Star Spangled Hat 1998 Pleasures crushed redwhiteblue box

    Taj Mahal 2003 Beautiful both boxes

    Teddies 1998 Beautiful gold box

    Treasure Chest 2001 dazzling gold gold box

    Tulip Quartet 2004 Pleasures both boxes

    Vanity 2000 Beautiful gold box

    Venetian Fan 2003 Intuition missing inside box

    Victorian Boot 1996 Pleasures pink box

    Watering Can 2001 Beautiful gold box

    Wedding Cake 2003 Beautiful both boxes

    Weekend Artist 2002 Beautiful both boxes

    Year of the Tiger 2009 Beautiful gold box


    Lauder Logo Pin n/a n/a

    Boutique Oval 1967 Youth Dew no boxes

    Cameo (2 women, blue) 1976 Youth Dew no boxes

    Cameo 2 women with bird (red) ? ? no boxes

    Cameo woman and child-red 1998 Youth Dew no boxes

    Cameo (flowers on blue) 1975 Youth Dew no boxes

    Chinese Junk 2003 intuition both boxes

    Christmas cameo 1994 Youth Dew no boxes

    Christmas Cameo 1983 Estee no boxes

    Collectors Compact (gold cameo) 1974 Priv. Collection no boxes

    Country Flower 1976 Aliage no boxes

    dreamy dessert 2000 dazzling silver no boxes

    fish compact 1992 Youth Dew no boxes

    Fragrant Flower 1979 no boxes

    Fresco Flower 1980 no boxes

    Golden Parrot ? no boxes

    Golden Seas 1972 no boxes

    Good Fortune Buddha 1972 Youth Dew no boxes

    Holiday Bow 2003 no boxes

    Jewelers Treasure 1974 Youth Dew no boxes

    keepsake 1973 no boxes

    kitten 1994-1996 W linen, tuscany or beautiful no boxes

    ladybug (on gold leaf) 1993 spellbound no boxes

    lady liberty (sparkling 2000 Pleasures both boxes

    love note 1978 Estee no boxes

    memento or sea jewel 1973? no boxes

    perfumiere 1976 no boxes

    Parma Paisley 1974 Youth Dew no boxes

    pig 1998 no boxes

    Portrait 1973 Estee no boxes

    Portrait Miniature 1973 Estee no boxes

    Regency 1974 no boxes

    royal enamel (box) aka 'super' 1974 Estee no boxes

    Snail 1994 White Linen no boxes

    snow peacock 1975 no boxes

    sport fragrance shell 1974 Aliage no boxes

    straw hat 1996 no boxes

    sunshine 1971 no boxes

    palazzo or tea flower 73 or 75 Youth Dew no boxes

    Bouquet (Topiary) 1998 Pleasures no boxes

    toy wagon 1999 Pleasures no boxes

    tropical fish 1974 spellbound no boxes

    turtle 1987 cinnabar no boxes

    Victorian Doll House 2001 Beautiful no boxes

    unknown orange circularbox no boxes


    boat ride; harrods teddy; liberty; london calling; pink tutu; romantic edition; squirrel;


    Fish (no box); Gemini (showing some tarnish 1997 lucidity; Japanese Tsuru Fan

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    Great to hear from you!

    I would offer my help any way possible…

    Do you have prices in mind already?

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    I just wrote in a post that have not seen you for a long while………. 🙂

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    Hello there,

    If you haven't sold them all yet, I am interested in the beautiful purple rose (issued by Neimans), the Stage Coach and Party Shoes and English Emblem – is that the one with the crown w/ Lion? I'd like to know more about the Vanity 2000 an Good Buddha from 1972 also.

    Please let me know your prices. Also, I have many extras available for trading if there's something you're looking to add to your collection! Thank you.


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    Hi all,

    My thanks to everyone who responded and helped make this summer internship concept a success. I feel that my intern learned a lot about the world of collecting, of selling, and of philanthropy, all at once. My intern is going to hold on to the solids for future, but stop work during the school year. She may do more, next summer, but if she does it'll likely be through an etsy store or ebay. Meanwhile THANK YOU, all of you… you're a fantastic community and I'm proud to be a part of it. (and yes, I am still a part – I did keep a few of my very special favorites, and someday I'll find that Imperial Panda, :P/> )

    By the way, I actually had a chance to visit with the main doctor of Rising Star Outreach about two weeks ago when I was invited to teach in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. She drove three hours, just to talk to us. It's great, the work they are doing with empowerment and healing, but I especially enjoyed hearing how they're working to mainstream young children who are growing up in the colonies but don't have signs of the disease. There's an intense stigma they're working against, over there.

    Thought you'd enjoy knowing that because of you we were able to write a nice check and are looking at other ways to help (like building bridges for them with groups we know stateside). I thank everyone at for being such a caring, giving community. :D/>

    Pace e bene,


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    Please see the next post!

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    Please let me know the prices for the following solids: country flower, sea jewel from 1973, weekend artist, pear, giraffe, Harrods Emblems, Palace, Post Box and the stage coach. If you still have the 1973 sea jewel, is it the compact pictured on page 41 of Roselyn's book and it's a reddish color? If so, is it faded much and does it contain the perfume? Thank you!

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