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    The other day I got more solids in the mail. Here is what I think:

    Little Chick:
    user posted image
    I like this solid very much, this one is my favorite of all the Leiber solids. I like the fact that white and yellow crystals were used on the chicks body and also that he can “come out” of his little nest. I would have liked the chick better if it had both its eyes showing. Over all though I think this solid is very charming and sweet.

    Tulip Quartet:
    user posted image
    Another great solid by Jay Strongwater! I love this solid, just the use of color alone is outstanding. I like very much the process of hand enameling and how Jay creates a swirl effect like on the tulips themselves and the base of where they are planted. Love the two color blues used it gives the urn an old world charm feeling. I love the large yellow crystals in the tops of the flowers and the pink and red crystals on the petals. One negative thing on this solid is the hinge feels very loose when the solid is opened.

    Jewels To Boot:
    user posted image
    Love this solid, maybe because of my shoe fetish! One thing I like very much is the enamel treatment on this one, love the clear enamel with sparkles! It really gives the boot a great effect. I also like very much the use of the small white crystals and the gold tassle. When I saw this solid in Vegas I didn't notice the top of the boot was finished with gold sparklies and am not sure if I like that, maybe black would have been better. One thing I don't like about this solid is the silver hang tag, it doesn't match. A gold hang tag would have been a better choice.

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    Hi Lisa…..

    Many thanks for the run down on the solids.

    The little chick looks like it might be a match for my country chick powder compact and the boot I am going to put with the traveller powder compact, will see them in Vegas when I go ( I hope ).

    Regards…..Margaret…… <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ /> <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ />

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    I agree about the Boot silver tag. I immediately removed it and stored it in the box.
    The boot is great! The enameling and jewels are well done.

    I did not get the chick. But I did get the Tulip Quartet, I did not remember the jewels on top of the tulips from Vegas, but I like that a lot, I have to figure out how to display it so that the top can be seen.

    I also got the Lily Bouquet, Precious Bird, Bird in Bloom , Pampered Kitty, Shimmering Sphere, all from the LV store. I received all of them in good condition. I did tell my SA Felicia to examine them before shipping, because of problems others on this site had noted about the new solids. She also individually wrapped them in bubble wrap.

    It is such a treat to have so many new solids!

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    Your photos are wonderful. Your camera takes such nice clear pictures. And the colors are so vivid.

    I received my Tulip Quartet also. It is as lovely in person as it appears in your photo. I have chosen to display it in my wall vitrine along with the Venetian Fan and the red and cobalt blue enamel “Collector's Egg” from 1995. The blue enamel on all three solids looks to be the same color. The fan is in the center and the Tulip Quartet and Collector's Egg are on either side of the fan. The tulips and egg are about the same height so it balances the display off nicely.

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    What a treat to see your pictures, Lisa. They are wonderful and clear, I really enjoyed them.

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    The solids look great! I definitely want the boot. I wasn't planning to purchase any Leiber solids, but after seeing your post, I am now planning to purchase the chick.

    Thanks, Jeanette <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ />

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    I need to liven up my bank balance! There are so many that I want that I am trying to work out what, how and when!

    Don't think I will be going for the little chick Lisa, although your photographs are really clear and precise. I do like the Tulips and also the Lily (Vase). Decisions, decisions.

    What I WOULD like to know, is which ones will be on general release and flooding the market! I am really fed up seeing my collection flaunted at ridiculously low prices when I have paid ££££££££'s

    Yes it does annoy me as I don't think this is right! So if anyone out there knows which are the general line and which are not I will be very happy to read

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    The general distribution solids are not out as of yet. They will be the cameo necklace, four leaf clover necklace, ladybug, horse shoe and acorn.

    And yes, in 6 months time they will be all over ebay for $19.99- just my opinion.
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