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    Hello Everyone,

    I need some help regarding the labels on the Estee Lauder solid perfumes.
    Do ALL the solid boxes have a label (sticker) underneath?
    Because I only collect them when they have a label.
    But sometimes I'm not sure if they should have one.

    For example ebay item # 5519028907. It has “Estee” stamped inside the lid, or ebay item #5519025511, which has “Azuree” stamped inside the lid.

    When the names are stamped inside the lids, do they still carry a label??
    Is there a general rule for this?????

    I know there are a lot of experts watching this site. So if you experts read my question, please respond.

    Thanks and have a great day.
    Greetings from sunshiny Amsterdam……….Maureen (MurveyDjango)

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    Hi Maureen, To the best of my knowledge they had three different types of labels. The stick-on type, which went on the bottom or back of the solid, a little gold string with a tag attached and the necklaces, a tag attached to the string. If there are any other types, no doubt the other long-time Collectors will have more knowledge.

    As a Collector , it is more desirable to have this sticker or tag, but if you love an older piece and it doesn't have it, I personally would not worry about it. We would all like every solid with it's individual box and label/tag, but sometimes, it is a very difficult proposition. I certainly wouldn't pass up on an older one just because it did not have the label. If anyone knows differently, please write. <img src='style_emoticons//wink.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’wink.gif’ />

    Don't think I have seen you here before although I have seen your name! Welcome from sunny London!

    <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ />

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    Good question Maureen-

    The ones I have that have the fragrance name stamped inside don't have tags.
    The older necklaces that I have like the secret treasure and ginger jewel do have tags attached to the cords.

    Sorry my answer doesn't help much.

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    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks so much for responding and for the helpful information!!!!! <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ />
    When a solid is really rare and hard to get, you are right not to worry about the label.
    But of course I would prefer the labelled ones.
    Now I know they should all have one.
    But if someone gave me -let's say- an Imperial Princess without a label, I wouldn't say no. <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ /> <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ /> <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ />

    I haven't been on the site that much, but I do take a peek every day, and I love the site and when I have time I can gaze at the pictures for hours and hours.

    Thanks again, and if other people reading this site have more ideas or information,
    please let me know.

    Bye bye, Maureen

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    Hello Lisa,

    Thanks for the info!!!!
    It is helpfull to me, because apparently you also take solids with no labels or stickers. And that is just what I wanted to know too, how the avid collector thinks about solids without labels.

    Thanks and I enjoy your site every day!!!!

    Bye Bye, Maureen <img src='style_emoticons//wink.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’wink.gif’ />

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