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    Having attended the first day of the UK Chapter IPBA in London last Saturday 7th November, I felt I would like to make a post especially as this year many more of our friends from Europe and the USA took the time to attend.

    It was lovely to see Phyllis Dohanian once more and to meet up with Jessica Mullican, Terri Phillips, Marilyn Schnormeier, Linda Todd-Norman, Deborah Washington, ElsaBeth Crohn, Ellen Davis, Terri Chappell Boyd, Ellen Eber. Hyla Wallace (Canada) and of course, George Stam (Switzerland) and Gerda and Gilbert Mashall (Germany). (I hope I have not left any names off the list which should be included)!!!!

    Angie Holmes, Chair, UK Chapter opened the Convention followed by a message which was much appreciated given by Marilyn Schnormeier, IPBA Secretary.

    Like all of these events it is impossible to meet and speak with everyone but the ladies I did meet up with, was a really great experience and I do hope they will be able to visit again next year!

    The Convention was held at the Holiday Inn, London-Shepperton. A really beautiful location with a Swan Sanctuary practically on its doorstep. Leah and myself walked from the train station (it was a beautiful early Saturday morning) and were able to take in the lovely surroundings and the beauty of the Swan Sanctuary as we passed by. Needless to say, we thought the hotel was closer to the train station, but a 24 minute walk was a good way to start the day especially, and I repeat this, especially due to the fact that the talks were so interesting that we were all glued to our seats for quite a few hours thereafter!

    To say the talks were interesting, is an understatement! Terry Emmony had managed to locate some fantastic speakers the Guest Speaker being Simon Brooke on the history of Grossmith perfume house. This was not a straightforward speech but more in line with an Agathie Christie novel as he took us through his experiences in finding his family heritage with all the twists and turns of a spy or thriller story!

    Deborah Washington (de Vigny Golliwogg and Friends) gave a lovely talk illuminated with pictures of items which she has collected over the years which many of you enjoyed at the IPBA Albuquerque Convention. It was great that we were able to share this too in the U.K.

    Another Speaker was Will Andrews of Proctor and Gamble plus Karen Dalmeny who is a professional antiques dealer and has made regular appearnces as a dealer on ''Dickinson's Real Deal'' on t.v. here.

    This is just a brief outline of the first day and I know I am missing out a great deal more.

    I am sure Terry will not mind my saying that we hope more of you will attend the next Convention and if you speak to any of the ladies who made the trip, I sincerely hope they found it worthwhile (apart from their visits to the Wallace Collection, Buckingham Palace, Antique Fairs, etc. etc. etc. plus a really good show in the bright lights of London's West End).

    My personal thanks go to Terry and Penny, Angie and Chris Hipkiss who really had the show on the road with his humour and engaging personality and everyone else involved.

    Apologies for such a brief description of events, and I hope Terry does not mind my having written this post especially as I am no longer on the Committee for the IPbA UK.

    Well done to everyone and thank you for a wonderful engaging and enjoyable time!

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