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    Hello! I am a long time, but not very active member of this web site. I tried to write to Woody, and managed to post to one of his topics instead. Several members have written to me, and a few have kindly referred me to other members to correspond with directly (thank you!). I am wanting to post some general information to answer questions, but I am not a seller. I tried one time on eBay to sell a couple of extras, and it was stressful – hate it! Please bear with me! I became nothing short of obsessive with collecting, and I have a ton of stuff. My husband and I moved into a century home a year or so ago, and I no longer have any place to display my collection. I have decided to sell everything, but I am not a sales person and just have no interest or heart.

    If anyone is needing an item, I would be happy to work directly with any recommended contact – everyone from this site seems to be very honest and a genuine collector not looking to make a buck off of the next person. I am not looking to make a profit – breaking even would be fine. I don't even know if there is anyone that would be interested in an “instant collection,”but that would be fine too! I got tons of great deals on my entire collection, but there were quite a few that I purchased well over the original list price (the Harrod's stuff in particular). I know that these items increase in value over time, but I have no idea in terms of a fair request and having to go through and research every item would cause me great stress. Sellers like Woody and so many others were so very gracious in being fair with me and I want to “share the love,” if that makes sense. I just don't have the heart or background to sell or haggle, and since the market has gone up and down and up and down over the last few years with the economy, I really don't have a clue!. You may have a better knowledge of what a fair price would be that would serve as a really good deal for you. If so, would you mind sharing your thoughts? If you would be so kind, please contact me with your request and a fair offer – if you have more than one, please send me a “bulk offer” for your group – I can add my purchase costs together to see if the total will cover my purchase costs, and avoid worrying about going through it one by one. I have just shy of $65,000 invested in everything on this list – perfumes and powders (I know, shame on me and what a great husband that I have!) – I would gladly sell the whole collection at that cost. Also, if you would like me to take pictures of anything, please let me know. All of my collection is packed away (we have no wall space in our century home to display anything!), but if you give me a few days, I can get organized if you would like to see pictures.

    I would probably want to dump the powder in any of the powder compacts, just for hygiene's sake, but everything else on the sheet (perfume and powder) is up to date and accurate (though I do have probably another 12 – 15 collector Katherine Baumann designer compacts that I never had time to add to the list – she was always my favorite! If any interested members have questions about me, I am a recovering eBay buyer (“KandieC”),and had 100% positive feedbacks, if that helps. I have attached a shortened version of the Excel sheet that I always kept – who ever thought that being OCD would be helpful?

    One last item, and I apologize if this is indiscreet, regarding payment. My only concern is that I live in Ohio and the State Tax Department monitors PayPal accounts vigilantly. I received a sales tax bill for hundreds of dollars a few years ago for a bunch of antiques that I had purchased and paid for through PayPal. I want you to feel completely comfortable with contacting me, but I recognize that you do not know me. That being said, I would ask to be paid by check or through the personal “payment owed” PayPal transfer option (instead of PayPal “purchase” option) to get me off of the radar. Since I am not making a profit on anything, it is a non-taxable event, but I just really don't want the hassle and paperwork. Thank you so much for your honest feedback and guidance and patience with me – I don't really know how to do this, but I am honest and would be happy to get you whatever items you would like to have – so nice to know that they are going to a good home! Thank you!//Kandie

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    Hey Kandie – be careful here. Although I am interested in buying solids from your list, it is actually against the rules on this site for you to offer them to the members here since you don't have 100 posts to your name and you aren't really known to people.

    Just a heads up in case your list and post is removed in the future. 😉

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