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    Once upon a time, there were four bears. Not Mummy Bear or Daddy Bear as the story goes, but four baby Estee Lauder Perfume Bears, each searching for a new home.

    'Would you like my bears?'' a kindly voice asked from the wilderness of a little town called Ebay. ''Oh yes'' I replied as I knew I had four homes for these lovely little bears. ''That's nice'' the kindly voice answered. ''Send me some money and they are yours!''

    So, in the nice little town of Ebay I arranged the transaction so I would receive my four little bears as quickly as possible. Meanwhile I approached various homes to make sure they would be well received.

    It was Monday morning when Postman Pat rat tat tatted on my door and handed me a large cardboard box. I was so excited and thanked him for the safe journey of my four little bears. Postman Pat grinned as he knew he had been carrying precious cargo …. ''Hope they'll still be breathing'' he smiled. ''I knew they'd be uncomfortable in this box so I made sure they were not bumped around''.

    I gingerly began to open the box and was so happy to see my little bears safe and snug wrapped carefully in their individual protection boxes. ''Here's number One'' I whispered, gently removing the first little bear. ''Here come's number Two'' I sighed, carefully placing him next to his little brother. ''And here comes number three'' I laughed, as I struggled to lift him out of the box now littered with used wrapping paper.

    The three little bears stared back at me as they sat comfortably perched on my kitchen table. ''What's wrong?'' I asked, noticing their looks of apprehension. ''You are going to good homes but you will stay here for a few days whilst I make the necessary arrangements. Meanwhile you will be loved and cherished and have nothing to worry about!'' The three baby bears still had a glazed look in their eyes and then I suddenly realised what was causing their concern. I hastily returned to the large cardboard box, anxiously searching for their brother bear number Four! After looking at every piece of folded paper and in every nook and cranny, he was nowhere to be found.

    ''Where is my bear number Four'' I wrote. ''Where is the brother of my other three bears!'' As if by magic an email came whizzing back . ''So sorry about brother bear number 4'' it read. ''Unfortunately he suffered a mishap and broke his back! I shall send you the cost of him shortly.'' I sighed. ''Are you sure you cannot find another bear to take his place'' I wrote. ''I have already found a home for him and I cannot possibly disappoint the new parents now. It is too late!'' ''No'' the email came back but I am definitely returning your money!''

    I returned to the three bears hoping they would understand what had happened to their brother. ''He wasn't feeling too well'' I explained, not wishing to worry them. ''He will arrive later, by which time you will all be settled in your new homes!'' I did not want to worry them and once they heard the news they all relaxed and sat quietly whilst I went about my chores.

    Meanwhile, that evening, I sat pondering what on earth I was going to do. I looked in my cabinet where all my little bears sat amongst my other Estee Lauder solid perfumes. I reached in, gingerly taking hold of brother number 5 who I had cherished for a number of years. ''I'm sorry'' I said, taking him in the palm of my hand. ''I have no choice but to send you to another home. I don't want to'' I sniffled as a small tear fell down my cheek. ''I really don't want to but I cannot let these people down now that I have promised to send them a little bear to keep as their own''… My bear looked back at me, his eyes registering disappointment but understanding the predicament in which I now found myself.

    Over the next week my little bears were dispatched to various parts of England and my precious small one, to a beautiful place in Switzerland where I knew he would be greeted with outstretched arms. One by one each bear arrived and I received messages of thanks and appreciation. The only place not to have been in touch was my special home in Switzerland. One week passed and by the second week I made contact asking if there had been a problem and if they were not happy with Bear number 4. ''He hasn't arrived'' came the reply! ''He hasn't arrived'?' I asked incredulously. My special Bear number 4 has still not arrived?'' ''Noooooooooo'' came the sorry reply!

    With this news I put on my coat and walked to my post office. Fortunately Postman Pat was sitting at his desk and I approached him handing him the recorded delivery certificate. ''Don't worry'' he tried to reassure me, ''I'll take care of this and see what has happened''. A couple of days passed and eventually I went to see Postman Pat once more. ''It seems he was delivered'' he explained, ''so you will have to contact the people you sent him too and ask them to make a check with their Post Office!'' This I did. ''He was delivered'' a frantic message explained, ''but the signature on the form was not ours!'' ''Oh No!'' I replied, really upset that my own, very precious little bear who had left my comfortable cabinet and all his other friends, was nowhere to be found! ''Who did this'' I asked. ''He was my own very special bear and I did not want to part with him but felt I had to as the other little bear you had paid for fell and broke his back before he was sent to me!''

    Another couple of days passed and then a long email arrived. ''We know what happened to the little bear and have some bad news for you''. The message continued, ''The old lady who lives upstairs was in the hallway when the post was delivered and signed for the bear. She then left the package on the hall table and someone had stolen it!''

    I was distraught! Not only had I lost my own precious bear but now he had not even reached his new adoptive parents who were also very unhappy! I went to bed that night praying that the person who stole him would be gentle and loving and perhaps return him to his rightful home. They never did!

    And so ends my short story of the four little bears on Ebay…………Not a happy ending as I am still looking to Goldilocks to replace my Bear number 4 and find another for the childless couple in Switzerland… but meanwhile I often visit this small little town called Ebay in the hope that one day I shall find him looking back at me when I will be able to buy him and bring him back home!

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    Lol ….. aww

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    Well written, Petals, but very sad. 😐 😐 😐


    sniff, sniff !

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    Your turn now!      Start something and see if we can get something going….By the way, the story above is true but with embellishments (if that is the correct word)!

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