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    Yes, it's eye-opening to see how many suggestions have been made into solids. Snowflake, Cadillac, reindeer… wow! I have to believe that someone at EL read the posts.

    I'd like to see:


    black and yellow taxi


    Tiffany lamp

    The White House (if they can do the palace, they can do this!)

    orchids or lady slippers


    It's good to have you active again, Lisa!


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    Reading the Posts there are some great ideas so Estee Lauder please take note!

    I would love to see figures/faces of:

    classical composers or

    famous historical characters

    Ahh I guess that is asking too much as I suspect it would be difficult if near impossible to make a good likeness of the person on a compact and perhaps the subject matter would not appeal in general to the female of the species…………. 😀


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    yes, we did have this conversation about the 'facelessness' on the Showgirl when she came out . . . that was disappointing, but I think we all got over that and she is a prized item now . . . then again, we did make her famous when we named her Lola and she starred in many a story on the site . . . 🙄

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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