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    Hi Everyone,

    Some good news!

    Have been doing a little digging and I am now in touch with the P.R Lady of solids in the U.K. I hope to be meeting up with her soon.

    The next step would be that her and Lisa are in touch, if Lisa agrees. I personally think this is one step forward as she appears to be very enthusiastic and ready to help!

    Hope this snippet of info lightens the day!

    Jacqueline [Smile]

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    Thanks Jacqueline,

    That would be great!!!

    Pamela, thanks as well [Big Grin]

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    Hi all,
    Read all the comments with interest. I wrote to the Estee Lauder company with a few ‘questions’, but they never wrote back. So I phoned them about it, and was told the letter was not received. I directed (a copy) to the person I was speaking to. In the mail I got a couple of nice samples of lipstick etc and an acknowledgement, but no reply to my letter. I am truly delighted about these ‘New’ ideas on solids, haha I even wrote to Bob Conte 6 of them a couple of years back. The globe was one of my suggestions, but a different style. When I saw Bob at the Vegas convention, he said they don’t make what people suggest since there might be a lawsuit, or claim for $$$. (I thought that ridiculous)Here are some more of my ideas:
    Bull (for matador). Each Year 1 new instrument
    like a HARP, a cat (persian) a dog (so many varieties) and Houses… (similar to the gingerbread house & Lilliput Lane varieties).
    I’m sure I have run out of room, loved all the ideas…’specially the jewelled money/coin haha
    I would like to say hello to the ‘other Aussie’ on site!
    Lorraine [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Smile]

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    Hi Everyone,

    I think I am stirring up a hornet’s nest here!

    I was having a discussion on the phone with a girlfriend of mine, as she was interested in the Collectors of E.L. solids. I obviously mentioned various problems that some collectors encounter, etc. and some of the attitudes towards E.L and the negativity with their lack of communication and response to the Collectors. My girlfriend came back with a simple remark.

    “Surely the solids play a very small role in the overall profit of E.L.”

    Please don’t come back ‘shouting’ at me, but on reflection, she has a very good point. E.L is known for it’s beauty products, which of course, I do not have to list as they are endless. Before discovering the solids, E.L represented to me, a company producing and marketing a diverse range of products in this line. I was unaware over the years of the delightful solids.

    Therefore, and I put this question to you all, is it not feasible that we are only a very minor part of this massive organisation, and that is why it is not receiving the attention and involvement which the collectors feel it should?

    PLEASE do not take these comments as derisory, as I would be the first to agree that however small a part each outlet plays, it should still be given as much nurturing and care as any other. The point here being, if you are bothering to produce on a small scale it still warrants the same attention. And if not, then don’t bother to produce it at all!

    Well this is just a thought but I really had no redress to my friend’s remark. In other words “we are a very small cog in a very large wheel” and as such, can ‘we’ expect the attention and thought, which ‘we’ would like to receive?!

    Just a thought,

    Jacqueline… [Confused] [Wink]

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    Hi all !
    My husband likes do see a coach with a coach- horse, a horse without horn or wings [Big Grin] , a saddle or a horseshoe. What’ s about a four leaf clover ? I think everyone needs a little luck [Wink] .

    Best wishes !

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    Must be the festive season setting in but how about a Christmas collection – a jewelled tree a merry Santa, a sack of toys, an iced Christmas cake and a Christmas pudding and all the other festive things – the list is endless (or at least very long)! [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

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    If I could design some solids I would pick some classic american cars especially a cadillac…
    And would you all hate me if I said I would love to see some of my favorite Disney Characters in a solid!(All my dreams come true!) Think of the potential, Snow White, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh…Ahh if only!

    [ December 12, 2002, 04:37 PM: Message edited by: lauderlady ]

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    Good ideas LauderLady, but could you just imagine the chunk or revenues Disney would want for that? There would probably be nothing left for Estee Lauder!

    If Estee Lauder really killed the duck solid that appears on Lisa’s “misc photos” page because it was too masculine…just imagine what they would say about a car!


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    I love dance themes, love the ballet slippers. I would love to see a pair of black and white tap dancing shoes with a litte black and white cane! They would go nicely with the black top hat!

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    Here are a few more I would like to see:

    Ruldolph the reindeer
    An elf


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    A blast from the past…. bumped topic…. interesting!!!

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    🙂 VERY interesting !! We have seen a lot of these suggestions come to life !! Especially, those from Maeuschen . . . it's a pity she's not here to see it. 🙁

    Thanks for bringing this back to look at, Lisa.

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    Yes, Sandra… I was saddened to see the reply from Michaela… but happy to bring back her memory for everyone… we still have the green dragon on the front page in her memory… she is missed. 🙁

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    Thanks, Lisa, for “bumping” this topic! I have never read it and it's amazing to see how many of the suggestions were indeed created by E.L. over the years. I would like to see more musical instruments, too, as someone mentioned years ago – flute, french horn, drum, trumpet, guitar, harmonica. There's so many to choose from! Also, I think it's time for another cat/kitty/kitten. Hello, Mr. Strongwater!! (in my dreams 😆 )


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    I really want the smaller version solids… seems they are getting bigger and part of the charm to me was the small delicate size.

    I would love some more food solids… like a:


    Pizza slice


    I've always wanted a:

    Chandler or Candelabra

    I would like to see less of the repeated themes… butterflies, ladybugs… turtles, frogs… things already done before!

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