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  • daisy
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    I've just reached no. 100 in my collection 😀 😀

    I'm sooooo excited.

    Oh and I've also done 100 posts!! What a coincidence :ph34r:

    My first solid was the Circus Clown 2001, I still love it.

    My number 100 is the Harrods Crown Jewel Guard 🙂 Thankyou scented1

    Somewhere in between my savings disappeared 😮

    So I'm going to start selling my children soon. 😆

    I lurrrrve my solids, and I think this site is invaluable, I've learnt so much and continue to do so. I've also purchased quite a few solids from members off this site, so thankyou to those members who've contributed to my collection.

    I would also like to thank Petals for being a wonderful friend, and providing me with some of my favorite solids 🙂

    Happy collecting everybody


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    Congrats to you on reaching 100!!!! It's party time!! Put on your Party Shoes and get the Party Cake out!!!!

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    I'm afraid to count how many I have.


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    I've reached the point where my display cabinets are so jampacked it made my collection come to a halt. If I am to buy anything it has to not only fit in with an existing theme, it also has to be a theme on a shelf where I could possibly get a few inches free space :ph34r: It actually has taken out the fun of collecting. And don't say I should solve this by getting more display cabinets. My whole apartment is jampacked 😛 If anyone has any solutions to this I would be very grateful. Anyone else having this problem?


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    Congratulations Sharon…. I've lost count… it's over 300 though!

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    I am really happy for you Sharon. Like Lisa and Ar, I'm afraid to and lost count how many is in my collection. I have two homes both which have Solids and a few Powder Compacts. I can totally relate to what Karin said. So what I have chosen to do these last three years or so is that only get solids that are unlike or not similar to what I already have. For example, no more flowers or birds for me. If there is a solid which I would be interested in buying, it really has to be singing to me and loudly! 😆 Then I'll get it and somehow make room for it. Ah, the joy of collecting! 😉 Congrats Sharon!


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    Hurray Daisy! I celebrate you're fun mile marker!!

    I love that the kids will be sold for solids! Hee hee!!

    I haven't counted recently I keep saying that I will take pictures of each and make an inventory book or file, but that is on the very long to do list along with put photos in album!! But at least it is a fun to do project!

    Happy solid perfume collecting to all of us! To the larger collectors and us small fries who are just starting out! 😀


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