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  • daisy
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    Hi all 🙂

    I received today a princess pump filled with mouldy perfume. 🙁

    I have taken out as much mould as I could, but obviously there is some left. What should I do?

    Should I just throw away the perfume or can it be saved?

    Also, if I disinfected the solid would it effect the colour of the pump, which I presume started life as a clear pump rather than a yellowy one?

    Lastly, can it spread to my other solids?

    Please Help!!!!!


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    I know what you mean… I too have some greenish looking perfume in my solids…. I just leave them as is.

    I wouldn't go over the actual resin pump with anything other than a damp cloth dipped and twisted out in water… and yup, all the pumps

    have discolored with age, like the ice in the champagne.

    This is just me… hopefully more members will jump in with more tricks and advise.

    Congrats on this solid… I really love this one!

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    Thanks Lisa 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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